Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All the fun and excitement of Christmas has hit our house! Were almost ready and everything is just about wrapped. Its been alot harder to get into the christmas spirit this year. we like to decorate right away, listen to music and watch all of our chirstmas movies to help us get into the festivities. this month we were away from our house for a week and a half and so we didnt have our "little" traditions to do all month. so we are now all ready and in full blown christmas mood! Also we have been so excited to watch one of our family member get a chrsitmas miracle, that has really helped kick off the christmas spirit for us! Our own little one is rapidly growing. The heartbeat was 155-160 yesterday. It was so neat to hear! I cant wait for our next appointment to hear it again so it will be a little more distinct. All is well with "it" and the pregnancy seems to be right on track. Our due date got bumped back a bit : july 13th. At first i was bummed out cause i wanted it to be sooner but now its gonna give me some more time to prepare. We will book our ultrasound at the next docotors appointment and then we will find out what the gender of this little one is.. Hope everyone is doing well and has a VERY merry christmas.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Okay so i have been trying to be patient and hold this in for as long as i can.. but im starting to burst at the seems (literally). drum roll please...... dum dee dum .... Were expecting a BABY the first week of July! We get to hear the heartbeat in a week and we'll find out our exact date. I couldn't wait any longer to tell! I did last until we were 12 weeks along tho! This is the best Christmas present for us!

Friday, December 11, 2009

I thought i would share some of my events from this past week, while babysitting 4 boys for 11 days:

-david does funny accents when he reads.
-ammon, tyler and david made brownies today in a microwave!
-they love the snow ( all 10 mins that they played in it, didnt last long ).
-why did the "everything" cross the road? to get eaten by the dinos on the other side (ammon).
-sugar is a bad idea!
-why did the orange go to the doctor? he didnt "peel" well. (david)
-a little boy (8 years old) ate a whole advent calender in 5 mins.
-ammon sleep walks.
-breakfast is either eggos or cereal. nothing else tastes good.
-we all get cabin fever when its minus -50 with windchill
-i taught bryan who his favourite auntie is ME!
-ammon thinks im cool.
- david loves to give out "i love yous"
- tyler has a contagious giggle.
- i didnt get anything done for christmas, like intended.
- dishes for 6 people is a constant struggle.
- coming up with cooking ideas for picky eaters is hard.
- each child cries at least once a day. even if it is over a mitten not being found.
-dont leave your make-up out if the door isnt locked.
-ammons voice when he reads is hilarious!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blog Stalking... we all do it ... right?

Okay so its blizzarding outside, bryan is down for a nap and the boys are coloring. So why not Blog Stalk?! So i found some new ideas for christmas thanks to a few new blogs.. It just happens you look at a blog and see another one so then you go to that one that looks fascinating and then another... its just a viscous cycle. CHECK THESE OUT! enjoy!

12 days of christmas ornaments.
cuegly ornaments . . miniture sleighs.
fresh poppy ornaments.

Just some fun ideas to craft some holiday love..