Monday, December 30, 2013

Boxing Day

Boxing day we headed out to the Murray dinner, we called ahead to let everyone know about his croup and they still said come out! Thanks guys!
 Murray tradition is to do a fishin pond for their presents, the kids love this.
 Will was still pretty miserable so not to much expression from him.

 Levi loves doing it, and LOVED the present! He'll be old enough to do t-ball this year, so its perfect!
Everybody left early, so we headed home that night. 

Dave went snowboarding (a gift from his selfless an awesome wife) on the 27th with some friends, and I stayed home with crabby Will and even crabbier Levi. I missed the Roberts family dinner that day, was pretty bummed about that! Dave let me sleep in on the 28th and have some time to myself, shopping with a friend and appys with another friend that night. 

Christmas Day & trip to the ER

 Levi wanted to be Batman all day.. he's gonna be the kid who wears the costume to school.

 We did this 3 years ago with Benson, Levi and Micah all 8 months apart. 
These 3 babies are 5 weeks apart!  How cute are they!

 Hunter and Bekah holding hands!
 Sorry Bekah, youre just so cute!
 Mom made the kids shirts that say "Somebody in Texas loves me". We sure love you to Uncle Justin!
Here's all 8 grandbabies, 4 and under. Its utter chaos but its a lot of fun!  

We got to skype Justin and I was a basket case, seeing him was so good but really hard to say good bye. Thanks to LeiLani and Max for hosting, it was so nice to be able to have places to nap babies and lock crying children into rooms for time outs. 

That afternoon Will started to sound a little wheezy, I thought maybe he was allergic to something he ate or just starting a cold. Hes been cutting his top two teeth and they've been beasts! He started to get pretty miserable by supper time, then by bedtime he was started coughing pretty bad. Then he was doing the croupy cough, the deep growling cant breath cough. So off to the ER at 10pm, he was struggling to breath! They gave him some steroids to helping his breathing, and we were home back by 12:30 with a very long night of no sleep for me or Will. Thankfully as of today, 5 days later he seems to be down to just a cough!

Christmas Morning Shinaagins

 This picture is adorable, we had to wake Will up for Christmas morning. Levi woke up at 6:30am so excited to see what Santa brought. Look how tired Will still looks but always got the cheesy grin!

 Thanks Uncle JJ for the great presents!

 The masks and the costumes of super heros were a huge hit!

 Thanks grandma for the cute jammies!
 Like I said, costumes were a huge hit!

It was a great Christmas morning!

Friday, December 20, 2013

9 months {Will}

 At 9 months Will:
walking along furniture
standing by himself
now has 6 teeth 
still eats anything and everything
if he sees food he gets super excited
very dramatic - he can throw a tantrum like none other
still so smiley
slowly sleeping better at night
the best traveler - gets lulled to sleep
didn't mind santa, just pulled at his beard
mommas boy... all the way
doesn't want to quit nursing
 LOVES to stand, this is an understatement. he will do this ALL day. hates laying on the floor, sitting is OK but standing and he gets giddy!
We sure love ya squishy bubs!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Its begining to look a lot like...


Normally we set up the first week of November so we've been pretty anxious to finally set stuff up. Things are very different this year for us but we are trying to make the most of it. So we crammed as much as we could this weekend while Dave was home.

 The boys got their Christmas Jammies! So stinking cute!
 Levi was so excited to finally set up our tree!

 Besides getting jammies on the day we set the tree up they get their Christmas ornament. Its a tradition Dave and I started when we first got married.

 We didn't put up as many ornaments as we normally do because our tree sits between two couches, which is at perfect level for a toddler, cat and a baby to get at.
Levi got to put the star on this year.

 We also "made" a premade ginger bread house. I think Levi thought he could start eating it right away. Sorry kiddo!

 I finally caught Wills scrunchy face on camera!
 We gave Will a gingerbread man to suck on, he thought it was fantastic!
 The finished product!
All the Christmas festivities wore Will right out!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ward Christmas Party.

 How fun is this little photo booth? 

Levi was so brave and talked to Santa, this was a proud moment! He's getting better at pushing himself out of his comfort zone. He told Santa he wants a "batman motorcycle, batman helicopter, and batman." 

It was a fun night and huge thanks to my mom who helped me out! We forgot to get the picture of you three!

He did it!

 This kid is getting sleep trained!
 And he did phenomenal last night. So much so I actually woke up to check and see if the clock was broken.
he was only up two times. did a 5 hour stretch.
the first ever f.i.v.e hour stretch in his 8 months!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


 The boys all ready to go. We have some seriously good looking kids!
 Dave got an award from his instructors : Skills & Procedures There were only 4 awards handed out so we were so excited when we heard he was receiving one! I am so proud of Dave. He worked so hard during his training. Dave always strives for the best, and always gives 100%. I'm so glad he was recognized!

 Levi has been excited for this moment for weeks. He would tell everyone (even strangers) his daddy is in Sheriff school and we are gonna go watch him march! He loved watching the marching but didn't like the bagpipes so much, they were a little loud for him.
 Troop 925
Will and Levi loved wearing Daves stetson.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Will use to be bald. as bald they come, minus the 15 super long random hairs that i buzzed when he was a week old. 
at 9 weeks old.. look at that beautiful bald head..

but his hair grew super fast. shockingly fast to me. i am also in denial he's 8 months old.  he was starting to get some long hair over his ears, not in a hockey cute kind of flip way. in a scraggly over the ears, drive a hair dresser crazy kind of way. i've been holding out because his hair is so fluffy and light coloured. but tonight i saw the clippers and the rest is history...

But see the hair on his ears... its now trimmed up. 

he hated the trimmers. but I swear he loves the new hair cut. 

See i couldn't cut that fluff. i love that hair color.