Monday, November 14, 2016

I'm still here!

Oh my goodness 6 months between blog posts, I think the longest in 7 years I ever went without blogging was 6 weeks. I've never been so busy before and the hardest part of it all is knowing I've just had to let some things go. Blogging is one of them. But instead of doing orders or emails right now I'm gonna do a quick update and not spell check anything... ha!

Always on the swing!

She carries a stuffy everywhere...

Running to Levi after he got off the bus!

The best of buds... He's an amazing brother

Dave: is still at base, thankfully! We've been terrified about his job the last few months with all the cut backs and some big changes.  Because he's not busy enough, I decided to put his talent to good use! So he now makes wooden teether's for my business + helps with a lot of tracing and cutting soother clips and bows.

Me: My little hobby has now turned into a full time business. I've hired two seasonal employees to help with the christmas rush. We're in 15 stores and entering 4 more this christmas season. It's become more than i could ever have dreamed but we've got even bigger plans now. Our goal is too build a cnc router that will cut all my bows and our wooden teethers. Saving us time and creating another side business on the job, that would allow dave to quit his job and us do this full time.

Levi: GRADE ONE! Im always flabbergasted at his little brain. He's reading way above his grade level and they've created some new challenges for him to keep up his learning. He's got an amazing teacher this year. He did tball this spring and has swimming lessons starting up soon.

Will: Pre-k for 3 year olds. He LOVES it and plays so hard he falls asleep every time on our way home. He's extremely social so he loves all the attention and really is loving, learning his numbers and letters. He's even started writing his name. He's such a little spit fire and still our cuddliest kid.

Lucy: after out car accident in july we both started seeing a chiropractor and its helped tons with her ear infections that we didn't need tubes in her ears, yay! She's 16 months old now and busier than the boys ever were, I didn't think that was possible. She gives us a good run for our money. We call her our silent hurricane. She's started saying a few words and signs a few things with us. Shes obsessed with animals and loves to do animals sounds.

Well there's a quick update, I'm hoping that things will slow down in January that I'll be able to add some more real updates.