Sunday, March 11, 2012

Moon light run 2012

We did our first race this weekend!
 Here's the race course, see those arrows its the mountain of death.
Dave ran with his sister for the first little bit. He ran without stopping until 1/3 up the mountain of death. He completed it in 37 mins!! Without training I'd say that's pretty darn good!
My goal was to walk all of it, Ive only started to run on the treadmill at the gym this week. I had set a goal of 60 mins to complete it. What I didn't know was how dark it is (the course isn't lit up) and how hard the hill would be after already going 5k! So I ran the first 1.5km and couldn't get control of my breath and had to slow down. I can't stand not knowing where im going so the parts that were quite dark I was walking pretty slow cause I wasn't sure where to go. Dave had asked me before the race started if I wanted him to stay with me or if he could run with Shauna,being the good wife I told him to go ahead with her. During this part of the race I was pretty sure I hated Dave for leaving me! (i don't really hate him) Soon as the pathway lit up again I ran till the mountain. Oh the mountain, it nearly killed me! I ran into a couple I know and he told me how many lamp posts there were and just to count them as I went, smart advice! I did it in 63 mins! My goal next year is 43 mins, might seem unrealistic but if I completed it this year in 63mins, imagine how well I can do next year at the rate Im loosing weight!

Our next race is next month in Coaldale and Ill bring Levi for this one!

Our goal is the 10k in August for the Cornfest run! 

And a HUGE shoot out to MOMMA ROBERTS!!! She watched Levi for us, thanks again mom!


  1. Congrats, Nysha! You did great!

  2. i would love to do a fun run sometime! I have always wanted to become a runner...just still havent gotten around to it. But good for you! I want to do this next year!