Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the newest addition to the family: RASCAL

Dave and I had been discussing over the past couple of weeks to get a friend for Bowie. We looked a little and then never said much after that. Monday when I got home from work Dave came out to see me with a little kitten.
(his head is way to big for his body and his ears are huge with his beady eyes.)

Dave had told me that a lady had emailed him asking him if he was interested in a cat still? Dave replied that we had been thinking about it and if he could come see the kitten. Rascal was just dropped off at a dog kennel service on the door step. He maybe weighs 1 and 1/2 pounds. Dave was sold when he saw him!
Rascal is insanely cute but so underfeed that we knew we could help! You can feel his spine and ribs he is so skinny. Its been quite the adjustment for Bowie. Its been a challenge for us to figure out how you take 2 cats from separate lives into one. We are slowly learning what we need to be doing and what we shouldn't be doing!
This is our 2 cats, whom we adore as I'm sure everyone can tell! We are so excited they are both awesome with kids and both are little trained!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

one of those moments... where the world seems perfect..

*turn this song on in the background while you read this.. (helps set the mood)*

you know when you have that moment where it seems nothing can go wrong? where everything seems just absolutely perfect and your in a movie? this weekend has been one of those moments, all 48 hours! there was nothing special about the weekend but we just have been able to spend every minute together. we got to work together today selling corn and went on a date last night, some how this just set me off all day thinking WOW! I feel like im in a movie. you know when you see a movie and your like "oh if only life was really like that". i seem to get those moments when i watch chickflicks! haha anywho.. ive just been thinking how if we just step out of our life and look at who we are and where we are life is always one of those moments! not always a moment we will be proud of or a moment where we feel our world is crashing. somehow we just always make it through and have the chance to reflect and see why? i dont know how much this is all making sense but im just having one of those days where you dont want it to end, hence why i am up at 12:30! things have been wonderful for dave and i this past month. life is going by WAY to fast! we have almost been married a year and a half! we are love owning our own home! i mean the extra bills aren't super exciting but SO worth it! we have been doing little reno's here and there. i can not wait to paint, but i feel maybe i should wait till im unpacked before i create more of a mess! we got a super cute cat. She is our little bowie boo ( she is so not little, she is on a weight loss diet ) whom we adore to pieces. poor cat gets talked to like shes a human, she must think we are insane. shes such a blast to have around even at 3am when shes tries to cuddle up and is actually walking on my ribs and waking me up! preparing us for parenthood i know!

*if you like that song check out regina spektor's fidelity.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

our busy lives..

July 1st. CANADA DAY: Dave and i both worked that day. He called me at work and said he was gonna pick me up from work. i thought this was a little unusual but didnt think anything more of it. when he picked me up he said he wanted to go for a walk at Indian battle park. i was complaining that i was SOO hungry and i just wanted to get home. so he made up an excuse of why we need to go down there. while we were walking around we somehow ran into my family who were all having a wiener roast. what a surprise! it was such a fun birthday party! im so spoiled by dave. i dont know how i didnt ruin the surprise because i tend to ruin everything thats a surprise. thanks to all the family that came it was such a blast!

Congrats to Darren & Laura!

July 4th. CAMPING IN WATERTON: We headed out friday afternoon and came home saturday night. it was a short trip but a great birthday. we both just love to escape from the city!

July 13th. THE FIRST LOOK: Randy Miller showed us a property he had for sale at about noon. its 956 sq ft, 2 big bedrooms, 1 bath. huge kitchen/dinning room. at about 1pm we went to see if we were preapproved for the mortage. at about 3pm we found out we are preapproved. at about 7pm we put an offer on the house. the offer is accepted. whohoo!

July 21st. CONDITIONS LIFTED: we found out the mortgage is all gone through!

I threw a shower for my sister in law at Lei Lani's house. it was alot of fun, im not much of a games person so we just mostly ate and visited. everyone was oooing and ahhing at all the pink presents! i learned how not to make marshmallow foundant! next time i wont attempt that on the same day as the event.

July 24-26. ROBERTS REUNION: Lei Lani and I planned the reunion for the summer. this all started back in december when my uncle from NM said he would come up if we planned a reunion or some kind of big get together. then it just kept going and plans started to happen. it was alot of planning and alot things to do and remember to make it all happen. we tried to keep things fun and not to structured. the biggest hit of the whole weekend was skit night. i wish the battery hadnt died to the camera so you all could see what we all saw. my uncle came running into the hall with shorts and a grass skirt on. some people had to show us how they would light their farts on fire. just so many things i could say about the weekend! it was just so much fun to have everyone together. im glad my aunt has decided to do this in 2 years, it will be a nice tradition.

July 31- Aug 2. BREAKFASTS, BABY BLESSING, BBQ: Friday night we were out to magrath for a luau reception, with real Polynesian dancers! Saturday i worked and then right after it was upto cardston fir a family BBQ. that same night we headed upto chestemere to stay over at darren and lauras. Sunday morning we were able to be there when Renae was blessed. then we headed back to lethbridge to grab some things. then back out to mountain view. Monday morning dave took his nephew out fishing and then we all headed to the camp kitchen for a breakfast.

August 3rd. OFFICIAL HOME OWNERS! Its now all official we own the house and papers are signed all the fees are paid, every things accepted!

sorry for such a lengthy blog but its been so busy trying to move in between all these events and still both of working full time. its been a blast already owning our own home. there's been ups and downs already. at least am i lucky enough to have a handy man who can fix leaky windows and dryer vents! i already have the paint chips out and want to paint. i guess we should finish moving before we start all that fun.