Saturday, March 27, 2010

new camera = picture overload.

IMG_0012 (2)


These 2 little guys = one huge hairball.


The First Belly Shot.


26 weeks down 14 to go.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank You!


cardston 082 (2)

I hope my grandma doesn’t mind me posting this. This is my dear Grandma Campbell. She absolutely spoiled me today. We went baby clothes shopping and out for lunch together.

As I was driving home and thinking of our little outing i got thinking of how you always want to  grow up to be just like your mom. Well my mom had an example of a forgiving, honest, strong and genuine mother.  This allowed my mother to learn from her, which gave me the greatest mom.  I hope that some day I can hear my kids say the same thing about me and that I can learn from my mother & grandmothers example.  I just feel like the LUCKIEST girl today to have such strong mother figures in my life.

cardston 097

Can you see the resemblance in my mom and grandma?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is it so?

Just got home from my 6 month check up and it was a little overwhelming! I found out I'm Rh- blood type, which means i have to take shots through out the rest of my pregnancy which isn't i big deal, lots of woman deal with this. Also i did some heart tests last week and my results came back not normal, meaning i need to go see a specialist for more tests. Then they weighed me and i still haven’t gained any weight ( yay!) which is okay and healthy except that my fundal measurements are quite big this check up.  A normal woman's grows from 2-3cm in the 4 week span. I had grown 5 cm which is double, so my doctor joked that its twins.. (that’s not a funny joke!). He is sending me for another ultrasound to check and see if we are going to have one large baby or if there is 2?! i don't know which would be better? We will keep everyone posted after this ultrasound on the news. I'm thinking it might just be a big baby and not twins but it is possible for them to miss it at our first ultrasound. I'm done working now and loving it! I have way more energy and motivation!

Monday, March 15, 2010

sew much fun.


I bought a used ( but good cond.) breastfeeding pillow it had a beautiful cover on it . .  NOT really my type.

IMG_0026 The cover.

IMG_0025 The blank canvas.

So what do i do to it?


Well i make my own cover out of some receiving blankets i bought for super cheap!




I had bought 4 blankets and so i used 2 for this and created this burp cloth with another. Let’s hope we still think this kids is gonna be Jaxon when we have him otherwise some lucky person is gonna get this if they name their kid that.




Last day.

Its a bitter SWEET day today. Its my last day of work at Regis Salon. I’m very excited to be home more and to take it easy. Its been pretty hard on my body these last few weeks standing 8 hours a day. Hopefully by slowing down the dizziness and lightheadedness  (good English I know) goes away. I already have tons of lists of things to accomplish and projects to make. I better jet to work and can’t wait to start sewing and crafting more :) Oh. p.s this sunday is already our 2nd anniversary isn’t that crazy! oh how time flies!