Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Freezer meals!

Here's the freezer meals we did last time but also some I love! And as you can tell we cook with a lot of chicken around here!

Sweet n sour meatballs
- For our family I did 20meatballs in a ziplock bag plus the sauce, so all you do a chuck it in a crock pot. Tip: meatballs will go on sale at M&m meatshop for $10 and its a box of 120 (otherwise its $8 for 60 at walmart).

Chicken pot pie - This is soo yummy and easy to do. Ive used the premade pie crusts and made our own, either way works great!

Cafe Rio -  Buy one of those $10 giant pork roasts from costco and cut it into 3 chunks and have cooking in 3 crockpots the whole time your doing your freezer meals. Cook it in salsa and rootbeer. Shred it all up and divide it into ziplock bags. Then all you have to do is pull out of the freezer and throw in the crock pot to put on rice or make cafe rio!

Chicken enchilida's -Freeze this uncooked, it cooks better that way.

Buffalo Chicken - Do 1 1/2 chicken breasts and the sauce all thrown into a ziplock bag. We used fresh chicken.

Lasanga - Use whatever recipe you like its such an easy one to pull out of the oven and cook for an hour!

Chicken Parmesan - This one is a little tricker to do if you do it with frozen chicken, found it easier to do with fresh.

Chicken taco chili -  Throw it all into a ziplock bag so all you have to do is throw it into a crock pot for the afternoon! Shred the chicken after you've thrown it in the crockpot.

Things that make it so much easier

- buy everything disposable from the dollarstore, makes clean up soo much easier and makes the meals go so much faster! We spent about $20 for all our tinfoil containers, ziplock bags, parchment paper between 4 people its so worth it!

- assembly line the meals.

- chicken is cheapest at save on foods.

Monday, January 28, 2013

6 weeks to go . .

-how far along: 34 weeks
-cravings: tuna sandwiches with pickles. Oh and same as Levi but I love the smell of laundry, in an obsessive way.
-weight gain: 8lb
-movement: I'm his personal trampoline
-gender prediction: we know its a BOY
-heart beat: 152
-maternity clothes: yep 3 weeks now!
-sickness: nope just having problems with hips and pelvis
-baby size: 17" - 4.25lbs
-mood: anxious, excited, tired, sore
-wedding rings on/off: on ( no swelling yet, woohoo!)
-starting to show: oh ya!
-looking forward to: meeting this baby and Levi finally getting to hold his little brother
-names: we've got one but you'll just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Napping has become sparse in our house, its much more fun to play then sleep. But once in awhile Levi just crashes.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What if. . .

 This afternoon we have a second ultrasound, just routine to check where baby is at with size and his position (if he's starting to drop). We're taking Levi and are so excited for him to see! But what if . . .
Murphy's law has it and the gender they told us is wrong? We keep joking about it. Our tech we had at the last ultrasound that told us he's a boy, was a student doing her practicum. She was really great and funny but as you can see from our really unclear pictures above, it wasn't the best. Also this is why it would happen, we FINALLY just decided on a name. I've been sewing like a mad women making blankets, burp cloths, soother clips and swaddlers. I've washed all the boy clothes and got them organized. Set the crib up with our boy bedding.  So we will see if muphy's law is gonna play a little joke on us today. I doubt it'll actually happen but who knows, I was seriously convinced this baby was a girl!

 Feels good to have gotten so much done lately. We've got the car seat, swing and bedding all clean and ready to go! Cribs set up, and the dresser is getting full of all his clothes!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We've got 7 weeks left till the due date, yes 7 weeks! I don't know how it's approached so fast! It's been so different then when I was expecting Levi. Alot more aches and discomfort then last time but its so nice that Levi is old enough to help with things. Yes more tiring chasing my little rascal, but he helps me load and unload the washer and dryer. He's been learning lots about this baby and he can't wait to meet him. He kisses my belly and asks to change baby Murray. I don't know what makes me more excited to meet this baby or seeing Levi becoming a big brother.

The other morning he came into my room crying because he wanted to hold baby Murray. Just melted my heart, he is so excited! We set the crib up and Levi is just loving that baby Murray has a bed. I've been doing a lot of sewing to get ready for baby, lots of blankets and burp cloths. We joke Levi has a blanket "hoarding" issue, for example he had 6 blankies on his bed last night. So I've had to make all new ones for this kid. I'm not a great seamstress but really enjoying this "nesting" stage.

I don't know who's more ready to be done being pregnant, me or Dave. Poor guy has had to put up with the last 4 weeks of a wife who can't sleep. Whether I'm getting up for tums, the washroom or my hips have locked up. It's been some hard few weeks of lack of sleep, my pelvis grinds and my hips lock up. I'm grateful for how much he has stepped up around the house in helping me. I'm excited tho that we finally narrowed down on a name, so 3 more weeks I'm full term, so baby you can come down any time after that!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Levis been asking to go hiking for awhile now, so we headed out this afternoon. He was in love! This kid has no fear of snow or cold, we had to drag him back inside!  We just went to the little park inside our villa and let him "hike" around.

 In hiking paradise!

 (why can I never get them to turn around?)
 Chasing daddy!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

graduating gymnastics

 Levi loved gymnastics, and I can't wait to put him in it again. I felt like it was a good energy outlet and really taught him good motor skills. He was in classes from the beginning of September to the first week of December.

 He was so excited he got to "graduate" from gymnastics!

December's activities.

Our December was insanely busy! Dave had a month off from school but worked for 2 weeks of it, so the other two weeks we filled our days right up. Trying to get as much daddy time as we could.
 The boys making silly faces at our Ward supper.
 Levi helped me do lots of Christmas making this year!
 Someone got caught playing with the soap and water in the bathroom.
Our only picture of Levi with Santa. He actually like it but he was mad that he had to wait so long in line to see him.
 The Campbell side of the family all went skating. I could not believe how well Levi did, He was hesitant at first but really enjoyed it, he keeps asking to go again!

We mad ginger bread houses and cookies with the Murray grandparents and Nichols cousins. Levi enjoyed eating it more then decorating. But really, who doesn't?

We spent Christmas eve out at the Murray's and its tradition they play silent night on the piano and violin while someone reads the Christmas story. Dave practiced up and surprised everyone in playing the violin with his dad.
 The Roberts went bowling again this Christmas! The kids seem to really enjoy it!

 We spent some time out at my parents after Christmas and snapped a few family pictures.

Its a pretty special time in the Roberts family because all us girls are expecting within 2 months of each other. Im due March. 7th, Laura is April 21st, and Lei Lani is May 3rd. (I think I've got that right?) So this summer my parents will now have 8 grand kids 4 and under, should be lots of fun!

Christmas Morning.

We did our Christmas morning on the 24th, I love doing it just us three.We wanted to be able to spend some time out at the Murray's so we did ours a little early. This year Christmas was especially fun for us because Levi understood who Santa is and that we're celebrating Jesus birthday.
 So excited for Santa to come to our house!
 Christmas morning.
 Levi got a train table and was soo excited!

 And pretty excited over the things in his stocking.

 Dave was pretty excited for the snow shoes! I think I did pretty good on them.