Tuesday, February 24, 2009

mani and pedi's

a night of pure relaxation! a pedicure, manicure and a movie! i usually give dave a pedicure but tonight i got one as well! oh my goodness i never knew what
i was missing out on!!! but with my super ticklish feet we only managed to spill a little water! it was so nice to just relax after a busy work day! i tried to keep my eyes focused on the movie and not let them wonder over to the kitchen and see the mountain of dishes! the salon is finally slowing down after the crazy christmas/new years/grad pictures and valentines. it will be nice for awhile and then i know i will start to get stir crazy but its nice for now..

as for o
ur trip in 3 weeks the hotels we were trying to get in fairmont are all booked up so if you have any ideas for a nice (cheap!!!) weekend getaway i'd love to know!

Monday, February 23, 2009

RCMP news!

well we got some news today! hooray! dave has an interview with the RCMP on March.6. just updating everyone whos been so supportive of our journey. hopefully this will give us some idea of when depot would be? ill keep updating everyone!

Friday, February 20, 2009

appreciating what i should be proud of...

im a very shy person and get so nervous about being confronted about the church or even just simple questions.. i get worked up and soo nervous that i will say the wrong thing or not express things in the right way.
i work in an environment where im the only one with religious beliefs. the past 2 weeks have been tougher with that because they were drinking at a staf meeting and i just didnt appreciate that and thought it was unprofessional ( maybe thats just me? ) any who, alot things were said about mormons from me not approving this. so i never said anything i just have been laying low i didnt want to start anything and make things a bigger deal. LAST NIGHT i had a client who asked me if i was mormon and i joked.. " is it that obvious?" she just laughed and she said no you just said awhile ago you said you teach at church and i assumed you were mormom, no one else goes to church every sunday and does that voluntarily! oh how i already loved her! she asked question after question last night and she even said that she doesnt understand why anyone would persecute some for their religious beliefs! the best part was that the whole salon was quiet nd everyone was just sitting in their chairs so everyone was listening to our conversation. she asked what i think is the biggest thing that people find the strangest and turns them away. she asked about drinking, caffeine, and smoking. then with out her knowing what had happened in the salon for the past 2 weeks she was like.. i have a drink maybe once a year, people should judge me for that, its my own decision. she just kept asking questions and im soo soo excited because im going to send the missionaries over to her house. im so shy so usually when i get asked i just shy away but that spirit just helped me out so much and helped me awns er everything to the best of my ability! plus i think everyone was listening and i think she put them in their places without even knowing it!

another random tid bit... i have 4 /6 sister that are prego and so thats exciting then i got a phone call and now have 6 sisters with a dodge caravan! haha! all 5 sisters on daves side and lei lani and max just bought one... i guess i will have to be the rebellion one and get my SUV!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

my trophy husband!

im soooo not a morning person (ask dave!), this morning i woke upto a clean house! dave and i both last night just felt like relaxing and hanging out. plus i started the blog and got consumed by it. i was talking to my mother last night on the phone and i was joking about how i had no motivation and by some miracle i was going to wake up and just clean like a mad women.. then we laughed and said ha! who are we kidding.. and mom being the wise women she is told me to go eat a motivational wafer and get to work... it brought a back alot of memories of my mother always saying that as a kid! they arent real wafers its just something we learned from "safety kids". so we never did any cleaning last night we just looked up a few hotels that wil be along our way for our trip next month (woohoo!!!). soo i wake up this morning and dave my AMAZING hubby cleaned up the house! how lucky am i? pretty darn lucky if you ask me!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my first one

so im giving this a try so your going to have to bare with me... im terrible for grammar and punctuation so sorry if this is so hard to read... just going to give an update of our lives at this point..
Dave is applying for the RCMP right now and i feel like the poor guy is going on his mish all over again.. just waiting for that envelope to come with good news! we are getting super excited for this because we feel like our life has been on "pause" for the past year and were waiting till the RCMP hits "play".
as for me im in limbo of things i want to be doing.. oh how i would love to take some courses while daves gone for his 6 months of training. then i pause and think.. oh wait i hated school?! so not too sure what will happen in that department.. im working at regis right now and i so enjoy what i do! its sure helped with my shy side.. i just get in my little element and im a whole new me.. im sure ppl get their hair cut and think"shes not shy!" im still learning and progressing.. the hair world never lets you stop and catch up! just when you think you know all the styles out there, its a new season and you start all over again... im now at about 1100 hours of my apprenticeship.. only 300 hundred hours to go woohoo! so come this may and i should be licensed!