Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my first one

so im giving this a try so your going to have to bare with me... im terrible for grammar and punctuation so sorry if this is so hard to read... just going to give an update of our lives at this point..
Dave is applying for the RCMP right now and i feel like the poor guy is going on his mish all over again.. just waiting for that envelope to come with good news! we are getting super excited for this because we feel like our life has been on "pause" for the past year and were waiting till the RCMP hits "play".
as for me im in limbo of things i want to be doing.. oh how i would love to take some courses while daves gone for his 6 months of training. then i pause and think.. oh wait i hated school?! so not too sure what will happen in that department.. im working at regis right now and i so enjoy what i do! its sure helped with my shy side.. i just get in my little element and im a whole new me.. im sure ppl get their hair cut and think"shes not shy!" im still learning and progressing.. the hair world never lets you stop and catch up! just when you think you know all the styles out there, its a new season and you start all over again... im now at about 1100 hours of my apprenticeship.. only 300 hundred hours to go woohoo! so come this may and i should be licensed!


  1. we're s0 excited for you guys and this rcmp stuff, too! good luck! and you're a brave women to be alone for 6 months; hope you find something to keep ya busy!