Tuesday, September 7, 2010

becoming our own family.

This weekend was a very special one for Dave and I. Our little Levi had his baby blessing. Dave gave such a beautiful blessing. Here’s a few pictures from that morning.


My very darling Grandma Campbell.

ps. this is my favourite face that levi makes when he stretches.


My Grandma Donna


Mom & Dad Roberts


4 generations : grandpa ross & grandpa ivan.


Grams & Grumps Roberts


Uncle Roger


Grandpa Murray


Mom & Dad Murray

We are just loving this little man more and more. We are constantly learning things, its quite the trial and error process. We are learning how we have to make decisions that are best for our little family.

Right now we’re trying to learn what’s best for this little guys tummy and health. Were experimenting with formula to see if it helps with his poor tummy. He seems to be feeling better, much better! He sleeps for more then 30 mins at a time and isn’t constantly crying. So if anyone has any advice or suggestion on tips with easing from nursing to formula. Also how to help the pain of not nursing. Why we are switching things up is that nursing hasn’t gone well, so i have been pumping for the last 3 weeks. My supply seems to not be able to keep up with the chunky monkey’s needs. Also for the past week he never seems to be satisfied after a feeding, makes me wonder if he doesn’t get enough nutrients?  So calling all moms please help!


  1. Ugh, breastfeeding can be such a challenge! Ruby had the same issues so I started supplementing with formula - the very best formula that we found is Enfamil - for fussiness and gas - and it works wonders!! The proteins in it are already partially broken down so its easier for their little tummies to digest. And its reduced lactose which also helps tons. As for the transition - just do it little bits at a time - I would pump or nurse just a little bit before I bottle fed. That way my supply decreased and it didn't hurt so bad. Thats been my experience. Hopefully you guys will figure it out!

  2. Love the blessing pictures! Such a special day. Wish we all could have been there :)

    Is he allergic to something you're eating maybe? And I agree with the Julie above...just pump until you're comfortable, don't pump til you're empty...then you're body will adjust and decrease the supply accordingly. Good Luck!

  3. I've heard cabbage leaves can help too if you're feeling sore from being too full -- just pop one leaf in your bra. :o) Good luck -- it will be awesome if he does better with the formula, and way easier for you too! Good luck!

  4. If you put cabbage leaves in your bra instead of calling you a cabbage patch kid, I'll call you a cabbage patch boob.