Friday, September 24, 2010


I have been trying my darnest to stay positive these past few months. Having a baby is a huge adjustment. I am learning so much and adjusting to my new life. here are a few things ive learned these past few months:

- a smile can make night feedings delightful.

- an outfit is not complete without puke.

- nobody’s kid is as cute as yours.

- changing your own kids bum is way different then changing someone else's kid. its not as horrible.

- your food will always be cold by the time you get to eat it.

- getting ready takes at least an extra 20 mins.

- not having your hair pretty and make up on while grocery shopping isn’t the end of the world.

- a screaming kid in a store is ok. happens to the best of us

- i love the e-a-s-y program. EAT- ACTIVITY – SLEEP – YOU.

- keeping my house clean oddly enough is a huge excitement for me.

- i have maybe had 15 naps since he was born and im surviving.

- having other mommy friends is a must!

- even when he is screaming i love him to death!

- everything sags now but i’d do it all over again… well not for at least another year and a half.

- birth is one of the most spiritual experiences you and your spouse can go through.

- i spend half my day on the floor reading books and playing. its my favourite thing to do.

- as much as you try to teach your 2 month old “momma” its not gonna happen…. one day, one day it will happen.

- having a kid permits the weirdest people to talk to you.

- you can have as much fun dressing up a boy as you could having a little girl.

- i love watching my parents be grandparents. Levi is # 3 and its so fun to see how he lights up his grandpa.

- getting a sale on diapers or formula is the greatest thing next to fresh peach crisp.

- cuddles with dave mean more, they are special because its rare when one of us isn’t holding levi.

- i love that families can be eternal.

- its an internal struggle whether i want him to start crawling, eating solids, talking … cause then that means soon he wont be my baby.

- levi loves me for me. he doesn’t think im a terrible dancer, he actually enjoys it. he giggles, okay so maybe he thinks im a terrible dancer but he does love me.

- this may be mean to others but: i love it when levi is crying and they hand him to me and all he wants his mommy’s cuddles. 

- any show about kids being hurt or abused im in instant tears. i dont understand how someone can do that!

Im trying to see the light in everything. i love levi and dave with all my heart and know all these changes are worth it. Im trying to be brave and do things that seem scary for me. Yesterday i took Levi swimming all by myself.  Yes that is a huge feat for me.

Life has changed as i know it and i wouldn’t want it any other way.


  1. Awesome. All of these things are so true :)

  2. You make me excited to be a mom! And I love your new blog! Add me when you go private okay? :)

  3. oh amy your gonna make the cutest little mommy! hopefully you move make here someday and our boys can be friends!