Monday, April 27, 2009

CLEANING PARTY!!! everyones invited!

okay i know this doesn't sound fun but... okay never mind there is no way to make cleaning fun.. Dave and I are going to be moving at the end of may in with my brother in law and sister in law (we are SO grateful for them!!). so we have to prepare for the RCMP at the same time so its going to be a crazy move! we have to figure out what to put in storage what to keep out and what we need to have for dave when he leaves. my goal is to have our house moved into the storage unit by may 23rd. so may 23rd im hoping to have a cleaning party! woohoo! have some sort of luncheon and one last hoohaw in our cozy basement suite. there wont be a ton of cleaning to do but if we could just have a little help cleaning it would make things so much smoother for us. i promise its the last time anyone will have to help us move. the RCMP does it for us from then on YAY! once it gets a little closer i will let everyone know a time. dont feel obligated to come but even just stop in and say hi! i would do it the following weekend but it will be my sisters 26th birthday that saturday.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

im soooo going to be the auntie of all aunties...

i am sooo excited for this upcoming year! i will have 5 nieces and/or nephews coming by the end of the year.
darren and laura roberts: end of June
shauna and matt hatch: end of September
mike and melissa atwood: end of September
racheal and cub wolff: first of October
leilani and max holst: middle of December

YAHOOO!! i had to share my super exciting news!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

im so proud of dave.

i am so proud of dave! words can not even come close to describe how proud i am! he has done so much to prepare for everything and to be ready. i think ( i may be a little bias) hes going to make the best cop! he just did his polygraph last monday and he got the phone call today saying he passed hooray! the lady on the phone told him that he had the best application/resume she has ever seen. it was so detailed and filled out so well. this application is well over 60 pages! i know personally i would never want to do a polygraph and a pare test! he is soo determined to know everything about the RCMP, hes constantly researching and reading! i wish i had that much determination to get my butt to the gym!

we tried again and it was dave and i have been trying to cook more and eat out less. we have been doing so good and experimenting with differ net foods. its been fun, im such a pansy to try things so im trying to be brave! we made a lemon meringue pie for my grandma on sunday and it was like soup! so tuesday soo good!!! we were so excited that only on our 2nd attempt that it worked!

Monday, April 13, 2009

the polygraph..

We just got back from calgary! We are now done the long and awaited polygraph! woohoo!! We pretty much have done everything we have to do now and the rest is upto the RCMP. We went up last night and stayed at aunt Marilyns (thank you! thank you! thank you! ) for the night. We left at 7am and dave headed off for his polygraph. He was scheduled to be there from 8am - 1pm. So i went off shopping at ikea when i got a call at 11am. He was finished, its nice that he dint have anything to confess about alcohol, drugs and theft. It made it go alot faster. We arent sure if he passed we are waiting for that phone call. Im positive he passed. Its all starting to sink in that within the next year we will be moved and my husband will be a cop! oh my goodness, now this all seems to be happening so fast! Before we wanted it to go faster but now im thinking SLOW DOWN! We still arent sure when he will be leaving but were thinking July ish...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

so much to be grateful for...

This morning i had to get up with dave because we left my car at the mall last night. Thanks to daves boss we got to go to the hurricanes game last night. I'm never up this early, i know i should but i never work till 10 so i never get up till 8:30. i got up with dave at 7 this morning and i have just felt so overwhelmed with so many things to be thankful for!

- Dave! hes my best friend and the most wonderful husband!
- My job. i know its hard to believe im saying this but im so grateful to have a job in these hard times ahead.
- The RCMP we haven't fully got accepted but so far we are so glad for the many things we are learning about it! we cant wait for that adventure to begin. we always call it an adventure because we have no idea where we will be living a year from now.
-FAMILY!!! i have been so blessed to have a great family and wonderful roberts cousins. I might be biased but i have the worlds cutest nieces and nephews! I have such awesome in-laws. i love being so close to the olers and being able to babysit my cute nephews!
-Primary. Somedays i just dont want to do it but we have the cutest class of 4 year olds. It can tend to get crazy because we have 9 of them! They say the funniest things and its the greatest feeling when we know they learned something!!
-Our health. Dave and I are both very blessed to have good health. I couldn't imagine having my health get in the way of my everyday activities. Im so grateful for Dave's motivation to get in shape! It gives me motivation!
- Saturdays! i now have saturdays off and i love it! Dave and i use to only have sundays together and now we have saturdays too. Its been so nice to have more time with each other in our busy lives.

I just am so lucky. I have been blessed with so much! I wish i had time to name everything right now but i have to get ready for work.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

my auntie is a great photographer!!

Okay we have about a gazillion wedding photos! First thing everyone comments on when they walk into our house is all our beautiful wedding photos! We are so lucky because we have photos from being posed to candid! Everyone always seems to say that they wish they would have gotten some taken like ours. We are so grateful for sheilas great photos! Check out her blog or website!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

i love my job!

i honestly love what i do, i am so grateful for that because not alot of people can say that. i love being able to make beautiful people feel good again. i get upset when people say "make me beautiful" people are always beautiful. i wish they would say "make me beautiful again!" these past few days at work i feel like ive been doing awesome. for some of you who know me im a pansy of a hairdresser! i have the hardest time cutting alot of length off. this week ive had challenge after challenge. its all these young girls with a picture of some insane crazy hair cut that ive never been taught but I figure it out! they all have turned out amazing, lots of cuts on my fingers as i try new techniques but its been so fun! makes me want to cut mine... no i must resist im growing it out! slowly but yet it is coming!

dave got a phone call on monday saying his polygraph is april 13th! its all happening so fast! they said if everything goes well he should be at depot in july!! YAY yay! were almost to the point we have a date! we will have to have a big party when we find out!