Wednesday, April 10, 2013


so from my three weeks experience as a momma of two, i think its pretty incredible. 

i was terrified... absolutely terrified. i was sad that i knew Levi would no longer be my baby, he'd have to grow up and be a big brother.  i was scared of how he'd adjust after 2.5 years of just us. i didn't know how i could possibly share my heart even more, i love Dave and Levi so much how could i love another person so much.

then i had Will, and all my fears seemed silly. i have just been absolutely in love with my boys. i love seeing how proud Levi is of himself for being such a good helper. he's been amazing, always willing to grab things for me when I need them or he puts Wills soother back in and says "shhh shhh" to help soothe him. he has had to grow up since becoming a big brother but hes so proud of himself and that makes me so happy. 

Levi has adjusted far better then i've ever imagined, he's hardly seemed jealous or angry towards now having to share Dave and I. he's been better then we could have ever asked him to be. its already hard to imagine our life without our two little boys. 
Will has fit perfectly into our lives. 

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