Monday, April 22, 2013


Its over half way through April already! How the heck did that happen? In my mind its still March and Will is still only a few days old. How is time going by this fast! Here some of what we've been up to so far this month:
 We've had such weird weather this "spring", typical southern alberta weather. Snow and rain for a few days and then the sun comes out. Then its back to snow for a few days. .  we had a good dumping of snow last week so Dave built him and Levi a quinzee to play in. Levi was pretty excited about it!
 Levi is sich a big helper, whenever I step away for a few minutes and hear Will fussying I always come back to Levi putting his soother in. The other day I was having a shower and had Will in his bouncer in the bathroom with me. He started to fuss and Levi came in without me calling or asking for him and kept singing "I am a child of god" over and over to him. He is such a caring little boy!
 Theres something about a naked freshly bathed baby. Wills face in this picture cracks me up, its as if he's already sick of the momarrzzi.
 The boys playing the piano!
 We attended the childrens festival this past weekend where Levi got to see Thomas the train and Dora the Explorer. He was so excited for Dora, which we were a little shocked about because he seems to not like any kind of mascot. But he loved seeing Dora, he was sad he didn't get to go give her a hug. Sorry bubbs we weren't gonna wait in line for 45 mins!
 At the festival they had a firetruck and a few firemen there, Levi was thrilled to get to sit in the seat.

 They also had a blow up little soccer arena and we weren't gonna let Levi go in because most of the kids looked quite a bit older then him but he sure kept up! I was surprised at how well he was running around with them and trying to steal the ball! I guess were gonna need to do soccer this fall.
 Here's a picture of Dora, its not the greatest because I couldn't seem to get one where there wasn't a stranger in the picture. Levi wanted to have a picture so he could look at it again.
 Levi picked up all his toys.  Literally picked them up and put them on the train table. He was proud of himself and needed a picture.
This is not the greatest picture but here is proof I do exist! Maybe one of the only pictures I am in this month. I need to get better at handing the camera to Dave and making sure I am in some of these!

Dave finished classes last week and it was nice to have him home with us all weekend. There were no shifts available for work so we got him all to ourselves and we loved every minute! He's got a few exams left and an essay due in the next two weeks. So we are really looking forward to May - bring on warm weather!

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