Friday, April 27, 2012

Grad 2012

Dave had convocation this morning for the criminal justice diploma. Go Dave!! It was pouring rain so we had to take picture inside.We're so proud of all the work he has put into getting an honors in his diploma. We headed to Moxies after for some lunch and now were just gonna relax since dave worked a night shift last night.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our week {slightly eventful}

I feel like this week was eventful but at the same time not so eventful. So here's a few things that happened!
 We did the Coaldale Family Fun Run - 5km! Dave did it 25mins- awesome job!!! I did it well in 50 mins, but I can't run at the moment so I had told myself to just take it easy and pace myself. When Dave ran ahead of Levi and I he did not approve of this. He wanted out of the stroller at that moment! So the first 10mins or so I was calming levi down. Soon as he was ok he crashed for the rest of the race. Its a nice easy race ( no hills!! ) but the gravel was a little annoying.
 This afternoon we took Levi and Benson to the Childrens Festival. It was such a blast! The boys saw a dog show, got to go play in the petting zoo, got balloons and "bob the builder" hats. So worth the smelly crowds just to see them light up!
 Levi loves to "dress himself" I say that sarcastically because he doesn't dress himself. He picks the clothes and then tells me where to put them. Mittens on the feet? Why hadn't I thought of this yet :) He seriously cracks me up!
The imagination has started and its really fun to watch him explore.

 When we put levi to bed at night the routine is as follows:

Good night to everything, literally even the fridge gets a good night from levi.
turn on music
get into crib and tuck in his monkeys
say prayers and tell monkeys its goodnight
then i read a book to him
then he reads it to the monkeys once I leave the room.

I started having him put the monkeys to bed to give him a feeling of responsibility. He also then has heard severals times its time for goodnight. Seems to help. Anywho he loves putting the monkeys to bed, so other night I see him putting all the animals to bed in their barn before he went to bed... So stinkin cute!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

hip hip hooray

3 months ago I started weight training. For the leg press I started at 45lbs. .  today it was 105lbs. BOOYA!

Monday, April 16, 2012

cough. puke. bath. sleep. repeat

 sleep & cuddles
 trip to ER

Huge Thanks to everyone who's helped us out this weekend! For the rides, baked goods, medicine and phone calls. Were not on the mend but hoping to get into another DR tomorrow to get some more medication!

Friday, April 13, 2012


“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” 


    My shin splints have flared up to the point that I can't run for more then 2-3 minutes without being in extreme pain. So after lots of research I know I need to take at least a few weeks off. Levi and I walked for 8km and did it in 80mins. Stretch and iced after the walk and I have hope to be running soon! Guess I'll be walking my 5 km race next week, but still hoping to do 10km in August.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just the way we are:

Sometimes my focus gets a little blurry. I start to want to be the perfect mom, perfect in my definition not Levi's. I want the cupcakes with the fondant, I want the size 2 jeans, I want every holiday to be decorated and celebrated with every tradition, and I want the homemade playdough.

 (levi in his favourite outfit)
The past 2 days have probably been perfect in Levi's eyes, this is what (i think) he sees:

(movie night)

daddy takes me to the park
we all play in the garden 
we have a picnic in the yard
Mommy takes me on a walk
Dj and I play fetch
mommy and I read books
i watched Cars 2
i had yummy snacks
we blowed bubbles and chased them 
i got cuddles with dad on the couch 
naps in my gum boots
(playing outside today)

He doesn't care that:

im wearing yoga pants again
my hair isn't done
that the easter decorations are still up
laundry is behind
that the home decor isn't perfectly color coordinated
supper tonight was crepes
some of his clothes are second hand
that Im not a size 2
dave doesn't make 100k/year
i can't make homemade bread 
our house isn't big or perfect
All he wants is who I am and who Dave is. Not who we think we need to be, or want to be. He loves us just the way we are. 
(levi feel asleep in the truck on our way to waterton, with the sippy cup still in his mouth)

And we love him just the way he is.

Here's an awesome article that I read about my same thoughts I've been feeling lately.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


 The Easter bunny visited us today! He left a little trail of candy to Levi's basket. The top right pictures shows how excited Levi was when he saw that ball! He's obsessed with basketballs, soccer-balls any round little object! He got a shovel to help us in the garden. Seeing his face light up just makes us so happy as parents!
 I did the annual Easter egg hunt and Levi was in heaven! I have prepped him this week on what to do. He joined in on all the games, even carrying an egg on a spoon. We must have tired him out this morning cause he just feel asleep on the floor. He has never fell asleep like that, its too bad we didn't snap a picture. Now that he's getting older he's able to help more and more with the holiday fun. He helped with sugar cookies, marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, and he even helped color pictures for our memory game.

Levi showing us all his "eggs".