Friday, May 28, 2010

6 weeks to go.. & sewing drapes.

Dave and I haven’t taken any maternity shots yet, were waiting for the weather to clear up. He did shoot a quick one of my expanding belly. Hard to believe how fast time is going by!




Taa Daa!! I finally sewed some drapes for the kitchen. I found this fabric at Thrift Village for $5 plus it was 50% off so really i got all of it for $2.50!!


Its hard to see the texture and color of the fabric in the pictures. I am in love with the fabric!



Its amazing how a little thing like drapes can brighten up a room!


Here’s another project i did this week. I dont have them hung up yet so you can’t see the WOW factor. These will be hung in the office.


This is a shower curtain from Thrift village that i got for $2 ( it was 50% off day as well). From the picture you can see it had hooks to hang on the shower rod. Luckily these were nice and long, I could just chop that off! Then I cut into 2 equal pieces to create 2 panels.


I folded over the top twice to give it a finished hem. I also did this on the 2 sides that were cut. So they looked finished.


Then folded over 3 more inches to give room for a bar. We have kinda chunky bars that our drapes hang from, so I do 3” hems. Did this for both panels.

I’ll show a picture of them all hung up once that happens.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

check this out.

I found an awesome recipe website. I haven’t cooked anything yet, i just found it yesterday. As soon as i do i will share it with you!

Click here to find some goodies.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feeling better.

Oh how i hate that i always take my health for granted. It takes me getting sick to realize how much i love being healthy. This week i got a nasty GI bug, thank heavens it was only 24 hours! It was bad enough that it caused a night in the ER. I was loosing my liquids faster then i could drink them. Causing me to get dehydrated quickly. Dave and I had quite the reality check when we went into the hospital and they gave us our own delivery suite.We are gonna be there sooner then we think. I was hooked upto an IV for about 5 hours. It was really neat when they hooked me up to check the baby’s heartbeat and to see if i was having any contractions. He was the most active he’s ever been and he kept disrupting the heartbeat. I finally had dave come put his hand on my stomach to feel how active he was, Dave was all smiles as he felt either a hand or foot go across my stomach.  We had the nicest nurse, she offered to let us sleep all night in the suite if we wanted too, and she would just give me a 3rd bag of fluids. I have a hard enough time sleeping that i just wanted my own bed. We were glad that Dave’s boss (my dad) allowed him to have the next day off to help take care of me. I am now feeling better and it makes me realize that i need to enjoy being healthy more.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gone Fishin’

IMG_1956 IMG_1957

                  Meet Percy the Pike.

IMG_1961 IMG_1959

Dave was sad he dropped the poor fellow. Were unsure if he lived to tell that tale.

IMG_1971 IMG_1972

This is Frank, a Franklin Gull. We rescued him this same evening. Luckily the Birds of Prey Center was still open at 9 at night. They came and picked him up for us. They said he just was too skinny and they would feed him at the center and he would be good as new!

IMG_1964 IMG_1963

The B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l sunset at Henderson Lake. You can kind of see the Airplanes criss crossing each others paths.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

the baker is almost done cooking.


Dave cooked a cake and i turned it into a celebration. Amongst all my excitement i spelled a word wrong.. Did you catch on to it?  Can you tell who's ready to be done being pregnant??? oh i am!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

a Saturday of fun.

Dave and I planned a Murray get together in Calgary yesterday. We have 2 Sisters that live in Edmonton and there is 5 of us down here. We don't get to see the Edmontonites very often so we planned to meet in the somewhat middle (thanks to the Edmonton gals for driving farther).We carpooled with Roger and did some sight seeing on the way. Here’s us in Vulcan.

Lots of the photo’s and they don't need captions, so enjoy!

IMG_1590   IMG_1591

IMG_1592 IMG_1603

IMG_1605 IMG_1606

IMG_1609 IMG_1611

IMG_1613 IMG_1619

IMG_1622  IMG_1644


We went to Leisure Center in Calgary and had a blast!! 4 hours of swimming went fast! We dont have any pictures from there, we didn’t want to have to haul a camera around. Plus who wants to sit out and watch the camera when you can be in the pool?!

Then we were off to supper at Pizza Hut. We had a great waitress who was a little overwhelmed with all 24 of us!

becca1 gid1

  IMG_1665  IMG_1675

IMG_1683 IMG_1699

lauren1 zach1

zach3 zach2

We think we got some pretty cute nieces and nephews! It was such a fun day and so nice to get together with almost everyone.