Sunday, May 2, 2010

a Saturday of fun.

Dave and I planned a Murray get together in Calgary yesterday. We have 2 Sisters that live in Edmonton and there is 5 of us down here. We don't get to see the Edmontonites very often so we planned to meet in the somewhat middle (thanks to the Edmonton gals for driving farther).We carpooled with Roger and did some sight seeing on the way. Here’s us in Vulcan.

Lots of the photo’s and they don't need captions, so enjoy!

IMG_1590   IMG_1591

IMG_1592 IMG_1603

IMG_1605 IMG_1606

IMG_1609 IMG_1611

IMG_1613 IMG_1619

IMG_1622  IMG_1644


We went to Leisure Center in Calgary and had a blast!! 4 hours of swimming went fast! We dont have any pictures from there, we didn’t want to have to haul a camera around. Plus who wants to sit out and watch the camera when you can be in the pool?!

Then we were off to supper at Pizza Hut. We had a great waitress who was a little overwhelmed with all 24 of us!

becca1 gid1

  IMG_1665  IMG_1675

IMG_1683 IMG_1699

lauren1 zach1

zach3 zach2

We think we got some pretty cute nieces and nephews! It was such a fun day and so nice to get together with almost everyone.

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  1. Cute pics...are you sure those aren't your guys' REEEEAL ears....?
    Because I could have sworn the last time I saw you...