Saturday, January 23, 2010

so i have the craftin bug and the nesting fever! here are the latest starts to some projects.

These are my $1 pictures! when we bought our house it was all freshly painted and all the same blah color. TAN. Our house needs some color. So without having to paint im using these to add some spice. These will be for the nursery room. I figure they are neutral enough that we can add pink accessories to make it a girl and then if its a boy good enough!

This is the soon to be family feature wall. Im hoping this will help be get motivated to start collecting family pictures and get em up!

This is the one in our bathroom. im trying to figure out some way to spice up this wall, without painting.

This is in our bedroom and we need to now add our wedding photos to the wall.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

So this month ive been crafting away. Heres a few of the things ive been doing:

1st. Lei Lani's Baby Shower:

This is a candle holder made out of baby food jars. Just cover with scrapbooking paper and flare with some ribbon. The website I saw used bows, i am not a bow type of girl so I just wrapped around with 2 sided tape and viola!

Some pictures for the gift table, just used some sock monkey scrapbooking paper instead of a mat.

Some more pictures, I did a few collages of Lei Lani and Max as babies with a center picture of Benson. Black picture frames are centerpieces too.

Heres the "B" in Benson, I created these letters to hang up at the shower on a window. I started with a canvas an it took 4 coats of brown to cover it. Then pick your paper and trace out your letters. to make it easier i just printed off my letters on to the paper and cut them out. then glue on with a glue stick. make sure its just really thick to seal it so you dont get bubbles. Then MODGE PODGE, and again podge modge. do thin coats and lots of them. I used a gloss and would recommend using a mat next time.

I found the best thing in the world at Dollar Giant! its a party pack, that contained 8 favors, 8 announcements, 8 thank you's, and 8 invitations. All for just $1! so i bought 10 packs of the boy and girl party packs, so whoever has a shower next you can use these, they are a lifesaver! So thankfully my mom came one night and helped me assemble these (all 40!).

2nd: A peekaboob cover.

I went to Lei Lani's this weekend to sew my own peekaboob cover. I choose to make my own because i wanted to make it a little bigger then the ones you can buy. i made this huge so i will have no oopsies. also i made this for a whole whoppin $9! Where as buying would have cost be around $30!
Here is a picture of the boning in the top to allow you to look at the baby, without the world seeing.

Heres how to sew in the boning to prevent it from sliding.

I sewed a little pocket in the corner to hold breastpads. i used flannel to match this next picture.

I sewed in a little triangle, to use to wipe up any spills. I still need to sew on the strings to hold it around my neck.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Just got home from my 16th week check up and it was a huge success! Blood Pressure is normal woohoooo!!!!! The past 2 check ups its been high, this was a huge scare. High BP can cause premature babies and i am so relieved to be back to normal again! We heard the very distinct little heart beat and again 155. According to the old wives tale its gonna be a girl. We shall find out how correct that is on Feb.18 with the ultrasound. My Dr. had me so excited cause he said lets do it at 18 weeks, but i guess the lab likes you to be 20 weeks. i was so excited thinking oh my i can know in 2 weeks. oh well! i suppose i can have some patience and wait 4 weeks :) Dont fret my friends we will share that news in 4 weeks, i could never know and not tell anyone.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

i think this morning was the beloved moment every pregnant women looks forward to : the movement of the baby! im only 16 weeks and didnt expect to feel it for awhile now, but im not complaining! :) the other day i was joking with dave that it felt like something down there was twitching or either thats what it feels like when the baby moves but i was unsure. this morning it was a distinct little kick. i dont know if there is such thing as having pregnancy insomnia, if there is im claiming i have it. i never sleep now and i am a person who needs all the sleep i can get! it must be preparing be for something later on... not sure what or why? :) i am so glad it kept me up last night so i could just lay there and feel the fainest kicks. im excited now, lets see what i have to say when im 35 weeks and all i want is sleep and my little guy wants to play soccer with my ribs. so right now im thoroughly loving this pregnancy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ive been thinking lots tonight, i know UH OH! daves out babysitting and was suppose to be home at 6:30 so i didnt go over after i got off of work at 6:15. its past 8:30 now and so ive been home by myself for almost 2 and a 1/2 hours, not a big deal right?! well dave and i are always glued at the hip. we take our lunch at 12 so we can share lunch together everyday. dave worked 8-5 and i work 10-6. so we have always have evenings together. tonight made me realize how lucky we have been, we have only ever spent 2 nights apart in 2 years.

were heading into a big change and turn into our lives this year. dave has school starting tomorrow and once he finds a job he'll be working part time too. i know this is gonna create less "us" time. its gonna be a big change for us not to be together all the time.

also another biggie for us this year is the bun in my oven. thats gonna be a big change for us as well. were just thinking this past week about how much we take for grant-it how we can just get up and go whenever we want. we are so excited to meet this little one and how were gonna have a family of THREE!

sorry for this rant, im just thinking about this new year for us and the past 2. gotta love a new year and how it gives us all a fresh start. what are your new years resolutions?