Saturday, January 23, 2010

so i have the craftin bug and the nesting fever! here are the latest starts to some projects.

These are my $1 pictures! when we bought our house it was all freshly painted and all the same blah color. TAN. Our house needs some color. So without having to paint im using these to add some spice. These will be for the nursery room. I figure they are neutral enough that we can add pink accessories to make it a girl and then if its a boy good enough!

This is the soon to be family feature wall. Im hoping this will help be get motivated to start collecting family pictures and get em up!

This is the one in our bathroom. im trying to figure out some way to spice up this wall, without painting.

This is in our bedroom and we need to now add our wedding photos to the wall.


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  1. I'm thinking of adding some writing on our wall. Where did you get yours? I wish I was artistic enough to do some free hand but that would be a disaster! So I need to either do a rub on or stencils.