Tuesday, July 24, 2012

murray campout & waterton

Both boys are asleep so I'm gonna get our whole weekend blogged, not just the zoo post today!
woohoo! So look down another post to see our trip to the zoo.

The Murray family had there camp out this past weekend.
 The Murray Family, getting this many people to all look and smile is quite the feat. I snapped over 50 family pictures and this is the best one with the most people looking. I'm sure some people were so annoyed with me, trying to organize this as I got snappy. I feel so strongly about taking family photos every chance you get, and with a family this size always growing were not gonna always be together to take pictures. So you need to do them while you can.
 Bahaha this picture makes me laugh every time I see it. It describes exactly what its like when all the cousins are together. This the only picture with Levi in it, he took off right after this.

 We headed to waterton Saturday afternoon. We've been lots this summer, but we always just love it there!
 Levi just stopped to give Dave a hug, he's such a sweet boy.
 I love the waterton scenery so much, it reminds me of living in montana.

 Me and my handsome bubbs.
We saw bears! I always want to see them, but while being in my car! Seeing the bears made Levi so excited to see more at the zoo.

We had such a fun 6 days of holidays! Its our only getaway this summer and we really enjoyed it, sad that its back to reality.

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