Tuesday, July 2, 2013

montana pt.1

 On June 21st we headed down to Missoula! Logans pass was closed for construction but just opened up on that friday and you could tell it was the first day it was open. It was pretty busy! It was so beautiful to drive through and see all the mountains. We stopped and had lunch at the top at the visitors center where it was rainy and only 6 degrees!
 It was a long drive but probably my favourite part of the trip. It took us 9 hours to get there instead of 5.5 hours. But with a 3 month old who still nurses quite frequently we had to make a lot of stops. I feel like I planned our trip really well, but once we were on the road I realized I really lacked in the mapping out our drive part. So we kind of just winged it with a free map from the gate getting into glacier park. One thing I learned is Montana does not put up a lot of "welcome to ____" signs. Sometimes we had no idea what town we were in but we still made it!
 Saturday mornings breakfast of pancakes!

 Luc looking not so impressed with me!
 Friday night we did Levi's birthday! Its not actually till the 19th of this month but the nice thing about summer birthdays is you can kind of clump them in with whatever holiday your going on. We got Levi this little hikin back pack and the hiking shoes. The back pack even has a bladder like dads! More pictures of the birthday to come when I do part 2 with my phones pictures.

 This kid is a traveling rock star!

In Missoula I had planned a few things to do with the kids. They have a carousel ride and dragons hallow.

 It took a lot of work to get Levi on this, he doesn't like fast things. So after the Wolffs had already done it Levi decided he'd do it. We were so proud of him once he did it. It was pretty scary for him. And if you know Levi once he makes up his mind that he's not doing something there is no changing it!

 This is Dragons Hallow Park, it was all wooden and it was big!  Levi loved it! I loved it to since it was all fenced in and I didn't have to worry about him going off somewhere.

This doesn't even show all of it, on the right of the picture there's a little toddler part.

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  1. That playground looks like so much fun! We're definitely going to have to check it out one of these days...