Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My favourites.

Life has kept us on our toes lately. So busy that it's been hard to keep up but in a good way. I have another market this weekend for the baby niche. So I've been busy getting ready for that plus my callings been crazy. Dave's been working tons too. But amongst all our chaos I've been trying to watch the kids more and just soak in the little moments. 

My favourites:

When Lucy smiles it consumes her whole body. When she's tired she giggles and cries at the same time.  

When Will wakes up from a nap he comes running full speed out of his room to find me and kiss me. 

Levi has been coloring so much more. He's loved having homework and learning to read. 

The kids reminding us to read scriptures. We just finished the Book of Mormon with them last week.


Levi asking Dave some deep questions about the church. His testimony is really growing. 

Family hugs after family prayer. It usually ends in craziness and the kids getting wired but I just love it. 

Dave's encouraging texts throughout the day. 

Lucy's baths. She use to hate them now it's her favourite. 

Will and Levi playing Peter Pan and pretending to fly to never land. 

We've been so blessed lately. Seems like soon as money's tight I get a big etsy order or Dave gets overtime. Levi's glasses are gonna be extremely expensive but because he's in kindergarten they are free. Beautiful weather to just really enjoy this mild fall! A baby who is so easy and just so loved. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October Pictures.

Aspen Crossing on our way down to thanksgiving.

Larry & Naomi holding the babies.

She just falls asleep anywhere.

Doing his homework

Her bows also a beauty mask.

smiliest kid ever.

brother shinanigans

helping me do bows.

had an afternoon playing with this kid!

little lefty.

Halloween costumes.

Ward trunk or treat & dance.

our trick or treating.

Our little fox.

Dave and the boys have been stacking up wood for the winter!

Heather and I did the ward party, so much work but it turned out so good!