Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Will - 3

We had intentions for a big birthday party with lots of family for Will. But we got some news on friday that was hard to handle and I knew with how hard things have been lately plus that I couldn't do a huge 30+ dinner. 

So we did have plans of just doing a pizza party and opening gifts on his actual birthday with just our family. So we did that and invited the Roberts' to come join us. The kids all had a blast and Will thought it was fantastic so thats all that matters.

Will got lots more trains to add to the ones from Christmas, hockey stick, birthday money, books & some pirates to go with their ship. I know he loved them all because he woke up at 5am the next day to play with them.

Im sad and excited he's three. Sad he's getting so big but happy that he now gets to do lots of things he's been wanting to do! He's now potty trained and registered for preschool! He can now go into the ikea play place and play soccer this year. Three year old dreams.

Your our little ball of fun energy, your hilarious and sensitive.  Will we just love you so much! 

Sunday, March 13, 2016


I found some dollar kites & the wind was finally not too crazy to use them. 

Lucy loved it outside. I found these little chairs at the thrift store a while ago and she just looks so cute sitting in it. 

Watching the kites fly.

Levi finally LOST A TOOTH! He's so excited about this. 

Dave teaching the boys to fly a kite.

Dave and I are now teaching sunbeams and its actually so stressful. We have 10 sunbeams and a few with extra needs plus Lucy with us. SO exhausted! So it was nice to just relax this afternoon!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lucy 7 Months

 If you give a goose a mum mum...
(finally coordinated enough to self feed)

16lbs 15oz
25" long
sitting up
double ear infections ( 3rd time )

no longer takes a soother
occasionally sleeps through the night
jibber jabbers like crazy

LOVES food 
her bottom 2 teeth are so close to coming through
hair is growing tons
think her eyes might turn green

Oh goose you are such a delight and the most bashful baby. we sure love you.