Monday, September 21, 2015

three kids.

Going from one to two kids wasn't as hard as I had heard. Going from two to three hasn't been as terrifying as everyone says. I still think the hardest has been going from no kids to one kid. Although while sleep deprived with the boys I declared we were done having kids.

It may be that my first kid has been the hardest baby of them all. Poor Levi had acid reflux.

Three kids, is actually fun. I do feel tapped out at the end of the day. That every part of me has been used up, that the kids and Dave needed all of me. Its exhausting and amazing. Amazing that its me that they need. Mom to kiss the owies, tuck them in, play games with, make supper and to hug them. I hope I can remember these things on the hard days. Sleep deprived days. Kids fight all day long days.

Sometime ago I really struggled with the mundane of the days, the boredom of being home. Sometimes I still do, but not near as often. It helps being busier. I know Im happiest when we have things to do, when I'm bored or the kids are bored we all get stir-crazy.
 Nothing specific changed, we just changed. Three just makes things busier.

Each kid has taught me so much and made me a better person. For that I'm grateful. So grateful they call me Mom. So grateful that 3 kids hasn't been as scary as I thought it would be.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Lucy's newborn pictures.

My Sister in Law, Laura took Lucy's newborn pictures. I love them alllll but here's a few.

Lucy at 8 days old.

Lucy's Blessing Day.

05 - 09 -2015

We blessed Lucy in our home yesterday. We had planned to do it next Sunday but Dad got called up north early and leaves Monday. So we frantically planned Lucy's blessing in 2 days. Because it was so short notice, lots of Dave's family couldn't make it. We still had 45 people here tho! My whole family was able to make it, its been awhile since we were all together. It was so crazy and busy I didn't take very many pictures of lucy in her dress, I'll have to dress her up again and do some. Dave gave her such a nice blessing. There's just something about a dad and his little girl. She is so loved.  

Levi & Lucy. Lev was blessed 5 years ago to the day.

Wills smile, oh man! 

Levi is smitten with his sister, so much love!

Dad & Lucy

Mom & Lucy

Will & Lucy.

Dad and his little girl. I know he doesn't like it when his emotions show, but it sure means a lot to me when he gets emotional. He's such a proud grandpa!

Renae sure loves Lucy, I don't how many times she held her that night or anytime she comes over. YAY for more girl cousins!

Our pretty little girl!

Tait's face, haha! 

All of the grandkids and grandma Roberts! Now hurry up and get here baby Holst so you can join the crazy crew!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Today was the first day of kindergarten! 

Will didn't want to be left out, of pictures or school. Its gonna be a long few weeks for him to adjust.

I feel like I have a ton emotions about Levi going to school. He loves to learn so I'm so excited for him! I'm nervous for him, kids can be mean and I'm not there to protect him. Have we taught him enough, will he help and be a friend to everyone? Will he be brave and stand up for himself? There's just so much about this new chapter in his and our lives, but were excited!

And he's off.... it was hard to see him go! But no tears from either of us....

That was until I got a text from my friend saying - Levi stayed in line with her autistic son who was struggling, even though it wasn't Levis class line up. (She then helped him find his classrom afterwards)

 I couldn't have been more proud! Sure gonna miss him during the day, Will's already asked to go back and get him!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Calaway Park.

It was 15 degrees when we got to the park, so they were so cold! But the line up was short!

Will got to ride the train three times no one was in the line yet.

Lucy slept and ate the entire time! She was in the sling for almost the whole day, she loves that thing!

It got hotter and busier but it was still a nice day!

Dave and Lucy (our new exchange student) rode the roller-coaster. Next year levi should be able to ride it!

Will was barely tall enough to ride the log ride, but they let him! They all loved this, except Lucy getting her hair wet. Ha!

After 6 hours this was the last ride of the day!