Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Today was the first day of kindergarten! 

Will didn't want to be left out, of pictures or school. Its gonna be a long few weeks for him to adjust.

I feel like I have a ton emotions about Levi going to school. He loves to learn so I'm so excited for him! I'm nervous for him, kids can be mean and I'm not there to protect him. Have we taught him enough, will he help and be a friend to everyone? Will he be brave and stand up for himself? There's just so much about this new chapter in his and our lives, but were excited!

And he's off.... it was hard to see him go! But no tears from either of us....

That was until I got a text from my friend saying - Levi stayed in line with her autistic son who was struggling, even though it wasn't Levis class line up. (She then helped him find his classrom afterwards)

 I couldn't have been more proud! Sure gonna miss him during the day, Will's already asked to go back and get him!

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