Wednesday, April 24, 2013


i love them.
and they sure know how to make my heart burst.

after morning bum changes and before getting dressed, this happened: 

Levi holding Will before he goes down . . .

Out of the mouth of babes.

Today while curling my hair, levi for the fourth time in two weeks asked me this question:
" Mom you going to church?"

I couldn't figure out why he asked me the first time. Second time I realized why.
It's because I was putting on make up. And I did my hair.

He has asked me every time I've been "getting ready".

I generally do look like a mom everyday - very stereotypical, but the yoga pants and a messy bun. With a toddler and a newborn I don't feel the need to wear makeup an curl my hair for the days were just at home. So I guess Levi only sees me do my hair and make up for church. Evidently I need to put in some more effort into my appearance besides Sunday cause I am confusing this kid.

Your dad thanks you for pointing this out.

Monday, April 22, 2013

one month.

(levi needed in on the action)

Will is a month old already. 

weighs:  11lbs 3oz
length: 22 3/4" long
longest stretch of sleep: 5 hours
smiles and coo's
loves his soother
loves being held upright
loves to eat
gets smothered in kisses on a daily basis

We love ya more then your dad loves the outdoors.


Its over half way through April already! How the heck did that happen? In my mind its still March and Will is still only a few days old. How is time going by this fast! Here some of what we've been up to so far this month:
 We've had such weird weather this "spring", typical southern alberta weather. Snow and rain for a few days and then the sun comes out. Then its back to snow for a few days. .  we had a good dumping of snow last week so Dave built him and Levi a quinzee to play in. Levi was pretty excited about it!
 Levi is sich a big helper, whenever I step away for a few minutes and hear Will fussying I always come back to Levi putting his soother in. The other day I was having a shower and had Will in his bouncer in the bathroom with me. He started to fuss and Levi came in without me calling or asking for him and kept singing "I am a child of god" over and over to him. He is such a caring little boy!
 Theres something about a naked freshly bathed baby. Wills face in this picture cracks me up, its as if he's already sick of the momarrzzi.
 The boys playing the piano!
 We attended the childrens festival this past weekend where Levi got to see Thomas the train and Dora the Explorer. He was so excited for Dora, which we were a little shocked about because he seems to not like any kind of mascot. But he loved seeing Dora, he was sad he didn't get to go give her a hug. Sorry bubbs we weren't gonna wait in line for 45 mins!
 At the festival they had a firetruck and a few firemen there, Levi was thrilled to get to sit in the seat.

 They also had a blow up little soccer arena and we weren't gonna let Levi go in because most of the kids looked quite a bit older then him but he sure kept up! I was surprised at how well he was running around with them and trying to steal the ball! I guess were gonna need to do soccer this fall.
 Here's a picture of Dora, its not the greatest because I couldn't seem to get one where there wasn't a stranger in the picture. Levi wanted to have a picture so he could look at it again.
 Levi picked up all his toys.  Literally picked them up and put them on the train table. He was proud of himself and needed a picture.
This is not the greatest picture but here is proof I do exist! Maybe one of the only pictures I am in this month. I need to get better at handing the camera to Dave and making sure I am in some of these!

Dave finished classes last week and it was nice to have him home with us all weekend. There were no shifts available for work so we got him all to ourselves and we loved every minute! He's got a few exams left and an essay due in the next two weeks. So we are really looking forward to May - bring on warm weather!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


so from my three weeks experience as a momma of two, i think its pretty incredible. 

i was terrified... absolutely terrified. i was sad that i knew Levi would no longer be my baby, he'd have to grow up and be a big brother.  i was scared of how he'd adjust after 2.5 years of just us. i didn't know how i could possibly share my heart even more, i love Dave and Levi so much how could i love another person so much.

then i had Will, and all my fears seemed silly. i have just been absolutely in love with my boys. i love seeing how proud Levi is of himself for being such a good helper. he's been amazing, always willing to grab things for me when I need them or he puts Wills soother back in and says "shhh shhh" to help soothe him. he has had to grow up since becoming a big brother but hes so proud of himself and that makes me so happy. 

Levi has adjusted far better then i've ever imagined, he's hardly seemed jealous or angry towards now having to share Dave and I. he's been better then we could have ever asked him to be. its already hard to imagine our life without our two little boys. 
Will has fit perfectly into our lives. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Nibble Nibble. . .

 I finally snapped a few pictures of Will the other day while he was sleeping. I could nibble those cheeks all day long.
 I needed to capture all this cuteness.
 Those long eye lashes.
 Tiny toes.
the cute legs in the onesies. .
And the chubbiness that seems to be happening overnight.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2 weeks old.

Will is two weeks old already! I knew it'd go by even faster then when Levi was a baby but going this fast is just not fair. I've been thinking the last few days about how incredibly blessed we have been these last two weeks.

I'm almost scared to type this out because I may jinx it. Will is a phenomenal baby, I really mean it. Hes so content and loves to snuggle. He sleeps through anything, a wild loud brother and all! He nurses so well, and this to me is one of the greatest things. Nursing didn't work out with Levi and so I felt stressed that it wouldn't happen again or I wouldn't know how. I love that I'm getting to experience this, its quiet different then bottle feeding. He rarely gets fussy, and if he is it just takes a toot or burp to make him happy. If he's held at night he'll give me a 4 or even a 5 hour stretch of sleep!

I get feeling guilty every time I think about how easy this has been going, because I know I have friends who are at the same place as me. Adjusting to two kids. Its not going as easy for them, so I feel bad that its gone so smooth. Levis transitioned so well, he absolutely loves his brother. We bribe him to do things we need him to do by letting him hold his little brother. For Levi not really ever been around a lot of babies I'm so impressed with how gentle he is, and how he tries to help when Will is crying. He sures loves his "liddle brudah".

My recovery has been amazing, this labour was way harder then Levi's and so I expected it to be weeks before I "bounced back" but I'm feeling great! I love being able to sleep on my stomach again!

Its only been two weeks, but we can't imagine not having you in our lives. We love you to absolute pieces and you've stolen our hearts! I never imagined being able to love two kids as much as I do. I am so grateful to have my three boys in my life.

Wills Baby Blessing.

 Were now a family of four, that just seems crazy!
 3 generations! We missed pictures with the Greats before they left.

 Mom and grandkid #6!
The Murrays.

We blessed Will this weekend and it was perfect. Our whole weekend was perfect! Dave gave him such a beautiful blessing, and he was surrounded by so many good men for the blessing. We had so much family there, we felt so loved. 
Thank you to everyone for all your help, and to those who traveled to be there. We had a dinner after church and we had 50 people there, and it went so smooth. Everyone just pitched in and helped us get dinner out and helped clean up.