Monday, September 25, 2017

family + fall

Phew, we made it another week! It was another busy one with a lot of late nights but we got tons done. Dave finished the cnc router + fixed our van that was considered a write off. I got everything done for the wholesale side of the website to launch our new supplier side of the business. We had parent teacher interviews + big first in the parenting world.

Dave + I are very strict about internet, electronics and the safety around it. Because you can't be too careful. We thought we'd been doing everything to protect them. They can't even get onto netflix without us putting in the passcode. So our world got a little rocked, when a neighbour kid showed our kids an extremely inappropriate video. Hearing your 4 year old describe what he saw inside, can rock you to your core. Everything I've done to protect them, all their innocence. It was gone. I have grieved as we've had to chat about things I've never imagined discussing with them till older. Or even ever for that matter. Thanks to my sister for lending us Good Pictures Bad Pictures till ours arrives, its been great for walking us through this process. Im glad my boys felt comfortable enough to tell us what happened and Levi was smart enough to tell the person who showed them the video it was inappropriate and they need to go home and tell their parents whats on their ipod. So new rule in our house, no electronics from friends in our house. 

It was the kids primary presentation so my parents came up for it + it's nice having them here. I find i get pretty homesick now and we're one of the farthest siblings on both sides of the family now. Im grateful for their sacrifices to always come and support our children in the little things that matter so much to them. It was so nice to get to the RS broadcast with my mom, sister in law and niece for her first time. We all went out to montana's for dessert + appys after. It was just what the soul needed. food, family + uplifting talks. 


oh be still my heart. 

While the parents were here we went and checked out Nose Hill Park by our house. It was absolutely beautiful. Fall is my favorite season, the colors, the crisp air. It was perfect. Dad and I got to walk awhile by ourselves and have a heart to heart. Watch my kids hold my parents hands, Lucy ride on papas shoulders, the boys chasing grandma up and down the hills. Its the moments I want to bottle up and hold onto forever. 

In the midst of all this chaos we still managed to squeeze in family photo's. Laura always amazes me + we can't wait to see them. We bribed the kids with frozen yogurt after. Which may have been a terrible idea, it was 5 degrees and started to pour during the photos so we were all soaking wet and cold. But the kids loved getting to pick some toppings out.

“You are not supposed to be happy all the time. Life hurts and it's hard. Not because you're doing it wrong, but because it hurts for everybody. Don't avoid the pain. You need it. It's meant for you. Be still with it, let it come, let it go, let it leave you with the fuel you'll burn to get your work done on this earth.” - glennon doyle melton

Learning to be still with the trials we are facing + allow them to be me, then to pass through and move along. To learn and grow but to not suppress those emotions and let them fester.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

We're still here! again.....

I don't even know where to begin, our lives have gotten so insanely busy. It makes me sad blogging has become one of the things I have had to "let go" while running my business. It's almost been a year again since my last post. I was religious at blogging for 6 years and then, boom the business happened and every-things changed in our lives. GOAL: to do a quick update every Sunday night. 

We now live in Calgary, we just moved in July + I thought I had prepared myself for the drastic change from the acreage. Nope, I still find myself a little shocked at some things and missing the acreage immensely. I can't get used to having so many people near by too, and it doesn't help we have some serious weirdos living on the one side. We've woken up a few times to them having fires at 3am and burning random stuff (clothes, bike parts...) Luckily on the other side we lucked out with some really great neighbours with 2 boys, (6 + 4) and our kids get along great. But watching our boys meet so many new friends and to always be outside playing with friends has been great. There's been some awesome older boys who play basketball with Levi all the time.

Our business will be 2 in November + we get asked ALL the time when we're gonna push it to go bigger. Truth is, I don't feel the need yet. Its going at the perfect pace for our family, and we've chose not to put our kids in daycare. So at this point, this is as fast as we can go with them being home with me. Dave started building a CNC router that will help us expand our business + really help saving time + money. Its about a week away from being done! EEEKKK!

We had a miscarriage in March and although we weren't expecting to have more babies it broke our hearts. From this process we've discovered we'd love to have more babies in our home and want to start fostering babies. We started the process last month and have our screening appointment in a couple of weeks. We've prayed so hard and just feel like this is something we're suppose to do. Were well aware of how crazy our lives already are and how emotionally draining this will be, but nothing will prepare us for it, just like motherhood. Nothing prepares you but gosh we know we have a great home and so much love to offer these babies before they go to their forever homes.

Lucy is TWO. Seriously, already. Breaks my heart how fast she's growing. She is already full toddler with lots of sass and attitude. She loves to sing, dance and play mommy. She is allllll girl + after two boys we still can't get over the cuteness. She has a fierce love for dogs and all animals. She is quite shy still + if a stranger tries to talk or look at her she gives a pretty good glare....

Will is FOUR and although we couldn't justify paying for preschool right now, (almost 3x the price in Calgary) we've been trying to do preschool at home. After walking Levi to school we try and practice 2 letters or numbers together and then a matching game or a craft. He's still our wildest kid + yet the snuggliest. He writes really well + is very smart. He'll be ready for kindergarten for sure next year. He's been riding a two wheeler all summer + LOVES biking.

Levi is SEVAN and it still boggles me every time his birthday comes, how is my first baby this old! Levi's in a grade 2/3 split class + we can't wait to see the advances he makes. He finished grade 1 reading + writing at a grade 4 level and math at a grade 3 level. We're excited that it will allow him to be challenged and participate with the grade threes in his class. His new school is HUGE, 600+ kids in K-3. But he loves it and adjusted way better than we hoped. He is always surprising us with his bravery.

Our business will be 2 in November + we get asked ALL the time when we're gonna push it to go bigger. Truth is, I don't feel the need yet. Its going at the perfect pace for our family, and we've chose not to put our kids in daycare. So at this point, this is as fast as we can go with them being home with me. Dave started building a CNC router that will help us expand our business + really help saving time + money. Its about a week away from being done! EEEKKK!

Dave is still up at base for work + LOVING the no commute thing, hello hubby home more. The biggest reason we moved into the city. He's often biked actually (32km round trip) so I have a vehicle some days. He has taught himself so much this summer building the cnc router, I think we both underestimated what that entailed.  But he took on this project like any other project he does and ran with it. Constantly teaching and reading  and watching youtube videos. He got called as the deacon advisor in our new ward and works with the 11 year old scouts too. He's excited for a scout camp this weekend. Dave works all day, comes home and then works for our business till the late hours of the night with me. He's often doing Uber Eats too, and words can't express how grateful I am. I have never met someone who works so hard for his family.

I'm busy with the business + the three kids. Excited + terrified to start fostering. We've prayed so hard about this and I feel so determined that this is journey that my hearts been prepared for. I always wanted to be a social worker and have talked about going to school for it after the kids are in school full time. I think its going to be the hardest + most rewarding thing our family will have done. I totalled our van in July and we still haven't replaced it + its been a big trial for me. I can't stand not leaving the house all day. But between paying two mortgages and building the cnc router we've just had to cut back. We're praying so hard for that lethbridge house to sell. Its been one headache after another + caused a ton of stress over the years. I just got called to teach the 4/5 year olds at church and am excited but also to be honest a little worried about meeting new people in our ward. This move has for sure been the hardest on me than anyone else. Its been an adjustment spending my days all home with no car and knowing no one.

Monday, November 14, 2016

I'm still here!

Oh my goodness 6 months between blog posts, I think the longest in 7 years I ever went without blogging was 6 weeks. I've never been so busy before and the hardest part of it all is knowing I've just had to let some things go. Blogging is one of them. But instead of doing orders or emails right now I'm gonna do a quick update and not spell check anything... ha!

Always on the swing!

She carries a stuffy everywhere...

Running to Levi after he got off the bus!

The best of buds... He's an amazing brother

Dave: is still at base, thankfully! We've been terrified about his job the last few months with all the cut backs and some big changes.  Because he's not busy enough, I decided to put his talent to good use! So he now makes wooden teether's for my business + helps with a lot of tracing and cutting soother clips and bows.

Me: My little hobby has now turned into a full time business. I've hired two seasonal employees to help with the christmas rush. We're in 15 stores and entering 4 more this christmas season. It's become more than i could ever have dreamed but we've got even bigger plans now. Our goal is too build a cnc router that will cut all my bows and our wooden teethers. Saving us time and creating another side business on the job, that would allow dave to quit his job and us do this full time.

Levi: GRADE ONE! Im always flabbergasted at his little brain. He's reading way above his grade level and they've created some new challenges for him to keep up his learning. He's got an amazing teacher this year. He did tball this spring and has swimming lessons starting up soon.

Will: Pre-k for 3 year olds. He LOVES it and plays so hard he falls asleep every time on our way home. He's extremely social so he loves all the attention and really is loving, learning his numbers and letters. He's even started writing his name. He's such a little spit fire and still our cuddliest kid.

Lucy: after out car accident in july we both started seeing a chiropractor and its helped tons with her ear infections that we didn't need tubes in her ears, yay! She's 16 months old now and busier than the boys ever were, I didn't think that was possible. She gives us a good run for our money. We call her our silent hurricane. She's started saying a few words and signs a few things with us. Shes obsessed with animals and loves to do animals sounds.

Well there's a quick update, I'm hoping that things will slow down in January that I'll be able to add some more real updates.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The last six months.

The boys are outside digging in my garden and I'm ignoring it, and Lucy is sleeping. Daves down in Lethbridge working on our house. It's quiet and all the emotions are hitting me. For a person who loves to share pictures of what we're up to in life and be open about that I've kept some things pretty close. 

Life's been hard lately. It's been in so many aspects of our life that it's tiring. Marriage, money, health and more. It's been one thing after another and it's been hard to catch our breath. I've always felt like I was a strong person. The last six months I haven't felt strong at all. I've needed sisters and friends more then ever. I've had to rely on people for help and it's something I've struggled with. I like being independent. I like when my friends or sisters call me to chat and pour out their hearts to me. I don't like having to be that person. 

I don't even know where to begin... I guess let's start with being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few months ago. I started feeling like I'd be spraining parts of my body for no reason. I'd wake up and my elbow would be so sore and tight that I couldn't use it for a few weeks. I'd be extremely tired. (Partly from a baby who doesn't sleep due to so many ear infections). I started becoming really sensitive to pressure. Like a tight hug hurt or kids climbing on me hurt. I'd been getting massages to help with shoulder pain I'd been having but I'd be sore for days from them. Like it bruised my whole back. After tests and Drs appts and X-rays and ultrasounds we got the diagnosis. The next step was how I wanted to go about treatment. During all these tests I also learned I have extremely low iron and thyroid contributing to other things. So after researching and talking with my dr were trying vitamins and a few very low doses of meds to see if it'll help. I've always taken my health for granted and so it's been hard for me to have days where I couldn't do the stairs because it felt like my ankle was sprained. The medication seems to be helping. Although I'm still having flare ups it's not every day. 

The Lethbridge house. Seriously this is a the biggest source of stress lately. After our tenant failed to purchase the house, long story short she didn't sign a new lease so we had to kick her out. Holy is that ever stressful. She refused to email, call or text back for over three weeks.  Since we don't live there it was so hard not knowing what was going on. After she finally left the house was cleaner then we expected but there was more damage then we thought. We had to replace walls, subfloor and all the carpet. Plus so much more. Dave has worked so hard to get it ready for an open house this weekend. We still have so much to do. I'm nervous we won't finish before then but, it is what it is. // MY FAMILY. Oh goodness we could have not done these last few weeks without them. They have been more help in more ways then they realize. Everyone dropping what they have in their busy lives to help us. Dave and I are so grateful for them. There is no way we could have done it without them. We can't wait to get new tenants in there!  It'll be such a relief! It's been such a huge  financial stress on us. I've never seen Dave so stressed before, it's been so hard to let him go do all the work while I'm home with the kids. The house is been a very hard lesson to learn from. We've made a lot of mistakes and it's been hard. 

(Here's pictures I sent to Dave) 

Here's to learning and growing from these experience together. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spring time.


It's spring and we've been soaking up every minute we can. It's so beautiful in our yard when everything turns green. It's crazy the transformation from a year ago to now. Dave has put so much work into this place. 

Dave teases me cause I always get so excited when the deer come into our yard. Last night we had like 18 or so. 

We have these trees with giant blossoms on them and it just fills are our yard with so much white. It's beautiful. 

The boys have lived outside pretty much for the last 3 weeks. 

(Such a goof) 

Went for a walk and Lucy fell asleep. Mission accomplished. She's had so many ear infections the last two mo this that its such a battle to put her to sleep and her schedule is way off. Hopefully this last round of antibiotics will work and we can get a routine going again. 

Dave and the boys slept in the tent and lasted till about 2am when the air mattress went flat. Time to buy a new one! The boys still loved it! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April Showers.

Its been raining the last few days. The kids have enjoyed it so much.

We're loving how green the acreage is getting. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

the acreage.

With everything going on with our Lethbridge house, its been so heart breaking to think of the possibility of leaving the acreage. I knew we'd love it when we moved out here but didn't know we'd love it this much. I love our evenings of all being outside working on the yard. I know in 10 years this wont be fun for the kids but for now, they love being out there with us and its so special. Last night I had to run into town and as I was driving down our driveway it was covered with pheasants and deer. Its been a year and it still seems so surreal that this is our new normal. 


We did Easter on Friday morning this year, so the kids could open up their baskets and see they got a hotel stay too! Of course it was such a busy morning getting out the door that day I didn't get any pictures of them opening their baskets, oops. We did just a really small basket since they'd be getting to go sleep over at a hotel and go swimming. So the boys got stuff for the pool! Lucy got some clothes.  Levi also got some books, I can't believe how well he's reading and how fast he's picking it up!

Leilani hosted Easter this year and it was so fun! The kids had a blast. She did so much for them. Scavenger hunt, easter egg hunt & easter egg decorating. 

We decided to try out a new hotel since it had a bigger waterslide, once we checked in and got to our room it was so far away from everything and only had an outdoor entrance. Plus it was so gross, so after cleaning up as best as we could Lucy's car seat explosion we checked out and headed back to our other hotel we like. Ahh it felt so much better!

Once settled into the new hotel we tried to get the kids to go to sleep. Will didn't crash till 11pm... oh vay! 

After a yummy breakfast the boys were so ready to go swimming! Also Will wore a swimsuit, he just hadn't changed yet.. 

 The water wings and goggle we got the boys were the smartest thing we ever did. They were so independent and happy!

They had so much fun, it makes the lack of sleep worth it. I think it'll have to be a new tradition to just do a small trip for Easter instead of big easter baskets. 

And I found this gem Dave took of Will on our way home... ha!