Tuesday, October 24, 2017

the zoo.

It had been over 3 months since Dave and I had taken time off. We even packed work with us to do while down for thanskgiving. We were burning out and could see the effect on the kids as well. So we surprised them with a zoo trip. 
The penguin exhibit was the favorite. 

Lucy would've jumped right in if we let her. She just kept talking about petting and hugging all the animals. Or would ask us to grab it and put it on her lap. We knew she would lose her mind, she is obsessed with animals. Our future zookeeper.

We only did about half the zoo in 5 hours, im so glad we bought a year pass to keep going. We never knew if you go twice it pays for itself! So we were sold and knew this will be a monthly thing.

After the zoo we decided to go to the hill across that over looks downtown. It was a place that dave and I had taken a picture 10 years before on our first date. It was fun to show the kids, that through 10 years of ups and downs their dad and I still love each other. 

Lucy was so beyond tired, poor kid missed nap time. 

Our self timer fail. I underestimated the height of the wall to jump over. ha!

Monday, October 16, 2017

October 2017

How is this month half over already? Its been such a blur. I often feel like our lives have gotten so busy that I'm there, but not fully present. I wish I could figure out this balance of motherhood and running a business full time.

Thanksgiving was so wonderful + I just love all that family time. I miss living close to all our family.

Levi sitting + making patterns with my beads. 

Bedtime snacks at Grandma + grandpa Roberts House

Will cruising with GG

The first Four.

The now eight.

Mom + dad and all ELEVAN grandkids!

Lucy Has been letting me do her hair lately, its like my dream come true1

She's also been dressing herself too...

YAY for some warm park days! (note the baby riding in the swing with her)

Monday, October 9, 2017

2017 Family photos

We got our pictures back from Laura, and of course she blew me away. again!

So excited about these pictures. Im sure my family goes crazy every year we do them but they're so priceless to have. Shutterfly had a sale on last weekend and so I already got these bad boys printed up + in a book.