Sunday, July 31, 2011

visiting a great grandma

Saturday afternoon Levi and I went to go visit Grandma Campbell. We weren't able to attend the Roberts reunion and Daddy was working all weekend, so we went to Taber. We first went to the library and Levi was in heaven.  He discovered empty shelves make loud noises when you bang on them. {not quite library appropriate} That library had a fantastic selection of books & DVDS. Then we headed back to GG's place for supper & bubbles!

The gorgeous flowers on the balcony.
one of these days i'll figure out how to turn photos.. grr!

I couldn't decide between the color or the black and white. 
but this one melted my heart!

This one is just proof that someone is finally starting to leave a hat on, 
now that summers half over! haha oh well!
Thanks for the fun time Grandma! Next time we will have to go to the park!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

1st Birthday.

Levi turned ONE this week. We had a pool party at our house today to celebrate. Here's some pictures of what happened and I'll share a few details along the way. {I took a lot of pictures so click on a college to see all of them better.}

cake & cupcakes:
I did sort of a beachy-bright colors theme. So the cupcakes & smash cake are meant to look like the ocean. I made 40 of these and only had 3 left over. Id like to think they were a hit! 

smash the cake: 
He didn't even eat a piece. He barely touched it! So daddy helped him get the idea. After that, he realized what to do!

I have been sewing a blanket for levi for the last 2 months and have vowed not to touch a sewing machine for at least 2 years :) I know he won't appreciate it now but he will when he's older. I never made him a baby blanket and I figured this was the perfect opportunity to sew one to fit a single. Somehow it keep getting bigger and bigger so maybe a king? Just kidding! My mom and Lei Lani helped so much! THANKS!! Levi was absolutely spoiled! He got so many fun toys and cute clothes. Thanks everyone.

fun & games:
We bought levi a pool awhile back and borrowed a few others to make "one big pool party". It was pretty windy and so I didn't get to use half of my decorations and most of the kids didn't last a half hour in the pools. There was lots of shivering but they all seemed to have a blast.

Thanks again everyone for making Levi's Birthday such a special day!

Thought I'd compare how much Levi's changed!

Friday, July 15, 2011

everything that went wrong somwhow turned out great.

 On sunday night while dave was at work I decided we were gonna go do something anything! Dave hasn't had more then 3 days off in a row since probably spring break (February) and he had 4 days off this week! thats right 4 - FOUR! Ive been having a few minor jealousy issues of all the fun trips everyone was planning. we are missing most things this summer because dave works every fri-sun, so i was jealous of all this fun everyone else was gonna have. so when dave got home i pretty much told him were going to Lundbreck Falls camping and then to calgary. we can go to the zoo or calaway, we will figure out that detail later.. not important. the important part was to get up early and just get outta lethbridge for a mini get away. through a series of events nothing turned out the way we were hoping for, but still we had a fun time.
we got to the ccampground and pitched our tent, when we were told we were in the 'RV' section, so we moved into what we thought was the tenting section. The hosts came and told us we were now in the $20 section not the $17 tenting section. We had already sent the tent up the second time we weren't moving it again. we wanted to camp in the sunshine with a breeze through the tent. but in my hasty decision i didn't check the forcast and so we were POURED on, so much so it was like a lake in our tent. we woke up at 2:30 am to the puddles every where, dave was wet, the blanket soaked and i could have rung out my hair from all the water. we got into the car and decided to drive around to get Levi back to sleep. by about 4:30 he feel asleep, by this point we were now in Sparwood and decided to turn back. We got back about 5:30 and slept in our car till levis eternal clock woke him up at 7am. It had started to finally clear off and so we decided to drive back to Bellvue and go do a tour of the mine. It was interesting, a little difficult with a child ( thanks heavens he isn't scared of the dark ), and it was so cold! Only 1 degree celsius. Then we head to Frank slide and assumed that it would be free.. haha! No $10 each, which was a little to much for us. So now that it had been sunny we head back to go to the tent site to put it away.
Off to calgary we go!
We go to Darren & Lauras (THANKS AGAIN!!) we planned on going swimming but that didn't work out. Then we thought about a date but by the time we ate it was too late. So instead by wonderful SIL watched Levi, and Dave and I headed out to go geocaching for awhile. Which was nice! We hadn't gone just the 2 of us for awhile. The next morning was the free kids festival at the stampede if you got their between 6-9am. we decided to take the LRT down so we wouldn't have to pay for parking. I hate the LRT, small spaces, weird smells, creepers and the speed of it makes me wanna puke! Good thing I have a car and live where I do, cause that experience scared me from living in the big city. soon as we got close to the stampede grounds it started pouring (yes again), and as soon as we got to the gates it was 9:15 - no longer free! so now that we were all soaking wet we headed back down the LRT to our cars and decided to have a sympathy breakfast at dennys since we missed the free one at the stampede. Did I mention the sun came out when we got back to our cars? Dave and I tossed around the idea of trying the zoo but what if it poured on us again?  So we relaxed and let the cousins play and nap. Hit Ikea on the way out ( perfect way to end a vacation ) and headed home.

Nothing went like we thought and things were completely spontaneous but it was nice to go do something as a family and spend time with D&L's family! We love that live closer and that the kiddo's get to see each other. we will have to have our niece come stay with us for a day or two, her and Levi were such good buds!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

50th surprise!

For the last 2 months or so I have been planning my mother's 50th birthday party. i have never taken on such a big party..  YIKES! I now appreciate all the birthday parties my mom has done for me. I didn't get very many pictures of all the details i was hoping for but here's a few pictures:
(click on it to enlarge)
I can't believe we actually pulled it off! It was so hard not to let it slip. It was funny when she walked in and saw everyone! She just turned around and walked back out. The day did not go as according to plan, so by 6pm with an hour to go I was having a bit of a panic attack. after it was all over and i could relax it was a fun night. we had a huge turn out. thanks to everyone who helped. 
If anyones doing a blue/green/yellow theme I have lots of decor!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

birthday x 5

july 1 - canadas birthday
july 2 - momma roberts 50th brithday
july 3 - renae roberts 2nd brithday
july 4 - nysha 23rd & USA birthdays.

this is my favorite weekend of the year.. well almost im not sure if beats Christmas, but close!

 canada day: we went to the raymond parade.

 July 2nd we went to calgary to celebrate my nieces birthday.

July 3rd: My niece Addison Holst was blessed.
July 4th: Celebrated my birthday. Dave made me breakfast, supper and a cake! We took Levi to go see Cars 2. Such a fun movie. It was the perfect day!

 It was a fantastic weekend!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

We've been waiting to tell ya ... For a long time!!

We've wanted to tell people our news for a long time. It's something we've wanted for quite awhile. We didn't know how to believe it when it came true. And we didn't want to tell people too early but I am excited to finally announce:

That . . . Levi is sleeping through the night. It's been 2 weeks straight and we feel like at 11 1/2 months it's about time! Before anyone gets all jealous it's been a hard road, we had to sleep train twice and those weren't some easy nights! We didn't want to jinx it by telling people yet. But oh it's so delightful. It's a good thing he started to because I didn't want to be getting up 3 or 4 times a night with a 1 year old and I was threatening that after his first birthday I wouldn't be getting up anymore. I'm glad I didn't have to follow though with that, cause I doubt I really could have.

Did we trick ya? Haha. I couldn't help it!