Saturday, July 23, 2011

1st Birthday.

Levi turned ONE this week. We had a pool party at our house today to celebrate. Here's some pictures of what happened and I'll share a few details along the way. {I took a lot of pictures so click on a college to see all of them better.}

cake & cupcakes:
I did sort of a beachy-bright colors theme. So the cupcakes & smash cake are meant to look like the ocean. I made 40 of these and only had 3 left over. Id like to think they were a hit! 

smash the cake: 
He didn't even eat a piece. He barely touched it! So daddy helped him get the idea. After that, he realized what to do!

I have been sewing a blanket for levi for the last 2 months and have vowed not to touch a sewing machine for at least 2 years :) I know he won't appreciate it now but he will when he's older. I never made him a baby blanket and I figured this was the perfect opportunity to sew one to fit a single. Somehow it keep getting bigger and bigger so maybe a king? Just kidding! My mom and Lei Lani helped so much! THANKS!! Levi was absolutely spoiled! He got so many fun toys and cute clothes. Thanks everyone.

fun & games:
We bought levi a pool awhile back and borrowed a few others to make "one big pool party". It was pretty windy and so I didn't get to use half of my decorations and most of the kids didn't last a half hour in the pools. There was lots of shivering but they all seemed to have a blast.

Thanks again everyone for making Levi's Birthday such a special day!

Thought I'd compare how much Levi's changed!


  1. we need a close up of the beautiful quilt! I am so glad that you had a great birthday!


  2. So much fun! I'm sad that we missed it! :( I definitely want to see the quilt in person -- it looks awesome!