Friday, August 23, 2013

big changes

This year we've had a lot of things going on, it felt like one thing after the other was changing. But at the beginning of the year we felt like at least we knew which direction school was heading in.

The semester was busy, like hormonal pregnant lady, working hubby,  heavy school load, school camping trips, family life and a new baby!

But even amongst all this chaos Dave and I kept feeling like a Bachelors in Exercise Science (leading to physio therapy) wasn't what Dave needed/wanted to be doing. He still really wanted to be working in a policing field. But neither of us said anything to each other. I wanted Dave to finish the year without another distraction and Dave didn't want me to feel stressed about us not knowing what he should be doing. Soon as the semester was over we both knew we needed to change directions and head back into policing. We were unsure where to even start...

My mom told Dave about a bylaw job in Vulcan that was hiring back in May. So Dave quickly got his resume and cover letter updated and sent in. A few days later a friend told Dave about the sheriffs hiring for Sheriffs Law Court. The position was closing that night at midnight. Dave was working a night shift and called me at 10pm and asked what I thought about it. So he had to scramble at work to summit a cover letter and resume. We never heard about the bylaw job but we know the reason he was to apply was to have all his stuff updated ahead of time to apply for sheriffs. We heard back about two weeks later saying he needed to have his class 4 license, first aid, P.A.R.E, and drivers abstract before he could even have an interview. He had two weeks to complete all that. We were just leaving on holidays to Montana and then coming home to go work in Medicine Hat for 5 days. It was chaotic! We could do everything but the P.A.R.E (physical abilities requirement evaluation) in Lethbridge. The P.A.R.E we did in Calgary, you need 4 minutes and 45 seconds to pass. Dave nailed it with 3 mins and 36 seconds!!  After passing all that the next week we were off to Edmonton for the interview, he was able to offer his top three moving locations 1. Lethbridge 2. Calgary 3. Edmonton.  Back in Lethbridge he needed to supply a criminal record check. Again we were off to Calgary for the Psych test and evaluation. Then tick tock tick tock... the waiting game again.

So amongst all our travels for work and play we've been doing all this. Its been a busy and a expensive summer!

This morning Dave received the call we've been waiting for all summer. He's been offered a position as a Law Court Sheriff  for Calgary, Alberta. He accepted!! This is a MONDAY- FRIDAY 9-5 job. (if you do shift work like Dave does now, you'll understand our excitement!!!)  He is to do training in Edmonton for 10 weeks starting in September and then starts his job in Calgary the beginning of December. So it's gonna be a wild ride for all of us. Trying to sell a house, find a new house pack and move all while a hubby is gone. Dave's gonna have some intense training up in Edmonton but he's looking forward to it.

 Congrats Hubby! So proud of you for sticking it through!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Calaway Fun!

Paladin put on a Fun Day for all their employees at Calaway Park in Calgary on Saturday. Dave was scheduled to work that night shift but found someone to cover it! So he got home at 7am and I have everything packed and we loaded up and left! We had to be at the park at 10:30am so it was a bit of a rush to get there.

It was exciting to see Levi was tall enough to quite a few rides. We spend 6 hours there and Im sure we could have done longer but Will hadn't had any long naps and Levi hadn't napped at all. So they were pretty exhausted and it was a HOT day!

 Dave did the rollercoaster!

 Paladin put on a yummy lunch for all of us!

 This kid is one cool dude!


Friday, August 16, 2013

5 months - WILL

-loves his toes, alot!
- now doing 2-3 hour stretches at night

 -cutting a tooth
 -starting to sit up, still pretty wobbly
 -eating rice cereal (once a week by spoon and every night in a bubba)
 -rolling both ways
 -blabbering and "dadddaddadd" all day long
 -sprouting hair over night

Weight: 19lbs 12 oz
Height: 29" long


 See that cake?? I let levi decorate it! I rolled out some fondant and let him pick the shapes and put them on. We did some lightening bolts from harry potter, a wedding cake, teddy bear and 28. Plus its brownies not a cake. Daves birthday snuck up on me this year!
 Happy Birthday DAVE!
This picture makes me laugh it looks like Will is even blowing! Levi was so proud of that cake!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Splash park!

 Its been HOT, like summer hot! We did the spray park yesterday and today!
 These boys are t.r.o.u.b.l.e
Grandma was at the park too!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August long weekend

For the holiday Monday (Aug.5) we headed out to Waterton and my mom joined us! As always a nice little getaway for us! Extra nice to have my mom there!

 The one milisecond that Levi would sit down for a picture! We hiked up to red rock canyon's bridge.

 Levi loves to hike, a little too much. He has no fear of it. So he gives me a bit of a heart attack, running ahead all the time. Thankfully grandma was great at distracting him!
 Whats a trip to Waterton without Big Scoop ice cream!
This is before the wind and rain started, we left just in time!