Monday, January 19, 2015

Sleeping Will.

Wills first year of sleeping was terrible and we can't blame him with all his ear infections he had.. But these last 6 months or so he's totally redeemed himself. 

He sleeps through the night, occasionally waking up (once a week maybe?). He goes to bed so well and is happy about it. And as for naps lately he almost always falls asleep somewhere and then I got put him into bed. 

Having had kids on both spectrums of not being good sleepers I am so grateful for how good this kid sleeps. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Numero Tres.

To all you moms who endure morning sickness ( hate that title - it should be named all day, all night sickness ) I salute you! I was hardly sick with Levi in the first trimester, a little sick with Will for the first trimester, but this baby... its taken it to a whole new level! So to all you mommas who do this once and then again, your my hero! And if you keep doing it more then twice, you might just be a tad crazy ha! But seriously, its so hard to be sick 24/7 and not be able to find relief. TO be up 8x a night sick and still gotta function the next day, while still being sick. Its so emotionally and physically exhausting. Daves cousin was texting me last night and shes sick her entire pregnancy, say WHAT?! I can't even imagine. Lindsay your amazing!

We found out we were expecting on Dec.1 and the sickness commenced that week... what happened to the sickness kicking in at like 6 weeks along (not 4), yeesh! We had an ultrasound a week later just to see the timing of things, I was little unsure of the due date. I kept feeling like something was wrong and wanted Dave there, I was so sick and emotional. The tech was kinda the worst, she just kept saying she couldn't see a baby. She said she saw a gestational sac but no baby, but took so many pictures. Then referred us back to our family dr and that I should do blood work too. So we rushed back to Strathmore to do blood work only to find out the send away their blood work and it wouldn't be back in time for my appointment, I was a little annoyed to say the least!

So off to the dr late that afternoon, I assumed he was gonna tell me I miscarried. I've been through this routine before and was just so emotionally distraught about it the whole day. Once I saw him he said I didn't miscarry (I was only 4 weeks along so hard to see a little fetus) but that they did find that I have a Septate uterus. Say What?! How have I had so many ultrasounds and never been diagnosed? Its a birth defect that leads to high rates of miscarriages (which explains things) and in some cases, infertility. My dr had never even seen a case before so he was just as surprised as I was. So this has lead to me having to take it easy till I'm at least 12-14 weeks along to make sure this baby is gonna stay.

I had another ultrasound at 8 weeks for dating and checking in if every things going ok. Which it is! The fact that I've been told to take it easy doesn't matter much because I've been so sick that there's not a whole I can do right now anyways. I went on Diclectin at 5 weeks and it seems to take the edge off, and allow me to sleep a little better. I had to go off it for a few days to see if it was affecting a few other things I've had going on. And when I was off it I seriously thought I was dying, I almost had Dave take me to the ER. Looking back, I may have been a little dramatic.

 I'm so grateful for Dave really stepping it up and helping so much around the house. Christmas was so hard for me, I just was so frustrated that I was too tired to stay up for games or too sick to do much. But am so glad Dave had 2 weeks off to be at home with us. At one point after Christmas I realized in 2 weeks I had only left the house for 2 drs appointments. We've all got cabin fever and Im trying so hard not to feel guilty that the boys just watch movies, play games and are on the iPad all day till Dave gets home. Our exchange student is also such a sweet heart and plays with them when she gets home from school for a half hour or so!

Because I've had to ask for some help (which is ever so humbling) that it seems so may people already know. And it spread like wildfire in the family.  So I was gonna hold off for awhile longer to announce but its been such a wild ride already that I want this in the blog no matter what way it goes. Im due August 15th, Dave's birthday and am 10 weeks along now.

So baby #3 is on its way! Levi's really hoping for a girl and asked if we could name her Princess Fiona, ha! And yes of course I'd love a girl but really if its another boy thats ok too! We should find out the gender right around Wills second birthday (2 already?!).

Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas week.

So I was awful with pictures for the week, I hardly took any pictures. Ill have to steal from once some other family members blog.. oops! I even packed the camera and never pulled it out!

We were out at the Murrays the 25th-27th. We had the annual Boxing day dinner with everyone at the church. Daves parents made each family a corral, it folds up so small and expands pretty big.

Will could fit through it! 

(Murray annual fish pond)

We got to do a fondue just adults only the night of the 27th, it was nice to have uninterrupted conversations! Marylou showed us all these super scrumptious ways to do wontons in oil. I don't even want to admit how many chicken and cream cheese wontons I ate. Thanks olers for hosting us and such a fun night!

Sunday morning we all meet at my parents ward and went to church together. That night we had a big games, white elephant fun with the kurtz crew. Its fun having some more cousins married (clay and ryan got married this year), but we missed Larry ( gets home in march from her mission).  Justin gave us the sweetest present, it was this huge card that said date night on him and he'll come up and provide the babysitting! And he gave the boys a win game for the wii they got for Christmas. Thanks JJ!

Monday we were all gonna go swimming but we all just felt so blah and some of the Roberts grandkids weren't feeling well, so we decided to head to Kalispell a day early and left that afternoon. Im so glad we did the roads weren't great and it took forever.

(Levi fake sleeping) 

(Hungry horse dam)

We got some shopping done while we were in Kalispell, the kids were pretty miserable by this point. We had been going going going and no one had been sleeping. For some reason the kids had a hard time sleeping at others houses. They did enjoy going to see Hero 6, it was a cute movie. We all started getting sick ( and I even sicker) and were all just so tired. We swam at the hotel and the pool was so warm, thank heavens cause it was so cod while we were there! It was like swimming in a giant bath tub! They had a little pool that was only 16'' deep that Will loved being able to just walk and jump all by himself, without me having heart attacks. We came home Wednesday afternoon and the drive seemed to be a lifetime long. We did make a quick stop to see the Hungry Horse Dam. I felt so sick, dave had a terrible cold, and Will was MISERABLE. He was a screaming fevering beast! After 7 hours we made it home - yay!

(So sick, he'd just crash wherever!)

(Our view on the way home)

(The main reason for the trip- paracord galore)

Were all still sick and miserable. We either all have the flu or a cold. Levi always seems to be hit the worst, he gets such awful fevers. Daves slowly taking Christmas down and taking care of us all. We get our new exchange student on Sunday so Im really hoping were better by tomorrow so we can lysol everything and get the house back together before shes here! 

I've been sick all Christmas and it made things so tough, emotionally and physically. Im still trying to be positive and happy about everything, But when your so sick it takes a lot out of you. I didn't realize how emotionally exhausting it is. Im grateful for Dave really helping this year with so much. Its hard wanting to do so much but just physically not being able too. Next year I'l hand out treats, and get some baking and crafting done!

   Hopefully we all get better soon! Its been a wonderful Christmas season, and so fun to watch it through Levi's eyes. He was so enthralled with all the magic of the season!

Christmas morning 2014

Levi slept till 6:45am! Dave and I kept waking up every hour that night listening for him, he was SO excited about everything. Its been a pretty magical year with him.

We had to wake Will up so Levi could get into his stocking. He was pretty out of it until...

he found Sven in his stocking!! 

Santa got the boys new bracelets to match daddys!

We got Will this fisher price ramp, we didn't wrap it up and he just played with it all morning. He could have cared less about anything else.

Levi got a huge Lego set!

Will helping me unwrap my Silhouette! Wooohoo! Thanks Santa!

We gave the boys a bunch of Potato heads, the hockey player and Indian Jones were a hit!

You push his hat down and it plays the theme song.

Huge Christmas mess!

Levi with all his goodies!

Will did not want to take a picture, we even bribed him with chocolate. It was not happening.

 I wanted to "go simple" with Christmas this year, and some how it just got out of control.We sure spoiled the boys. We bought almost everything secondhand so I got some really good deals and didn't spend much. After we cleaned up we packed up everything and loaded the van for our busy week. 2 nights with the Murrays, one night with the Olers, one night with the Holst's and then 2 nights in Kalispell... 

Christmas Eve 2014

This is the first year we've planned our own Christmas Eve, its also the first year were "away" from home. Not that we were far but we've never really had to travel for Christmas. We decided its a perfect year to start some new traditions.

We started the morning off with the kids opening a Christmas Eve Box, I had filled it with all new pyjamas, Christmas books, some treats and a gingerbread house (kit).

 Levi loved waking up to find a bog box with his name and Will's on it.

 Don't let his face fool ya, he loved doing this! P.S. this was probably the worst kit ever.

After we told him no more candy. Meanest parents ever!

 Dave and I totally lost interest after the icing ran out and Levi just kept going!

 Saddest little house, but Levi just loved it and...

Will loved sneaking candy...

We all put on our pajamas and finished up our 24 days of stories and read our 2 new ones. The one Will is holding is so cute! Its the 12 days of Christmas, canadain style.

Afterwards we headed to the lights at the expo, it got so cold that night. We didn't stay too long.

Santa was even there! Levi told him again he wants a Christmas tree for Chrsitmas.. ?? We aren't sure where this came from.

We went to go warm up at Tim hortons but it was closed, so we just had hot chocolate at home and put the kids to bed.

Dave doesn't like putting any presents under the tree until Christmas eve night, this tradation is slowly growing on me.

It was nice to just be us before the hustle and bustle and all the travelling we were about to do.