Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

This is the first year we've planned our own Christmas Eve, its also the first year were "away" from home. Not that we were far but we've never really had to travel for Christmas. We decided its a perfect year to start some new traditions.

We started the morning off with the kids opening a Christmas Eve Box, I had filled it with all new pyjamas, Christmas books, some treats and a gingerbread house (kit).

 Levi loved waking up to find a bog box with his name and Will's on it.

 Don't let his face fool ya, he loved doing this! P.S. this was probably the worst kit ever.

After we told him no more candy. Meanest parents ever!

 Dave and I totally lost interest after the icing ran out and Levi just kept going!

 Saddest little house, but Levi just loved it and...

Will loved sneaking candy...

We all put on our pajamas and finished up our 24 days of stories and read our 2 new ones. The one Will is holding is so cute! Its the 12 days of Christmas, canadain style.

Afterwards we headed to the lights at the expo, it got so cold that night. We didn't stay too long.

Santa was even there! Levi told him again he wants a Christmas tree for Chrsitmas.. ?? We aren't sure where this came from.

We went to go warm up at Tim hortons but it was closed, so we just had hot chocolate at home and put the kids to bed.

Dave doesn't like putting any presents under the tree until Christmas eve night, this tradation is slowly growing on me.

It was nice to just be us before the hustle and bustle and all the travelling we were about to do.

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