Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas morning 2014

Levi slept till 6:45am! Dave and I kept waking up every hour that night listening for him, he was SO excited about everything. Its been a pretty magical year with him.

We had to wake Will up so Levi could get into his stocking. He was pretty out of it until...

he found Sven in his stocking!! 

Santa got the boys new bracelets to match daddys!

We got Will this fisher price ramp, we didn't wrap it up and he just played with it all morning. He could have cared less about anything else.

Levi got a huge Lego set!

Will helping me unwrap my Silhouette! Wooohoo! Thanks Santa!

We gave the boys a bunch of Potato heads, the hockey player and Indian Jones were a hit!

You push his hat down and it plays the theme song.

Huge Christmas mess!

Levi with all his goodies!

Will did not want to take a picture, we even bribed him with chocolate. It was not happening.

 I wanted to "go simple" with Christmas this year, and some how it just got out of control.We sure spoiled the boys. We bought almost everything secondhand so I got some really good deals and didn't spend much. After we cleaned up we packed up everything and loaded the van for our busy week. 2 nights with the Murrays, one night with the Olers, one night with the Holst's and then 2 nights in Kalispell... 

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