Friday, March 25, 2011

the house visit.

Our family is so big that it takes quite awhile to call everyone to let them know how things are going and since everyone follows the blog, you're getting updated this way.

Last night was our house visit from an officer. Wasn't as scary as I thought it was gonna be. It was only one officer and he was in uniform but not a patrol car. So not as intimidating as 5 officers all in uniform showing up in patrol cars. Which was a huge relief I was so nervous! The officer asked us a bunch of questions about how we grew up, what our families are like, is there anyone who's violent in our family? My favourite question was do you have any crazy ex's that we should be aware of? What considers crazy ??
The best part of the evening was finding out that they are down to 13 applicants and are hoping to hire 10 or more. WOOHOO! Our chances are really good. We are trying so hard not to get our hopes up! The officer said he says this to everyone, but if you don't get hired don't be upset and reapply! You'd pretty much be guaranteed a job next time. Right now they have people they want but it comes down to experience, confidence, are they already trained, and education etc.. So we will know next week what gonna happen! Thanks again for all the support we get through this process!


  1. Sounds good! Thanks for keeping us up to date! Good luck with everything!

  2. Crossing fingers for you guys! Good luck!

  3. Can't wait to hear the good news!!