Tuesday, July 24, 2012

murray campout & waterton

Both boys are asleep so I'm gonna get our whole weekend blogged, not just the zoo post today!
woohoo! So look down another post to see our trip to the zoo.

The Murray family had there camp out this past weekend.
 The Murray Family, getting this many people to all look and smile is quite the feat. I snapped over 50 family pictures and this is the best one with the most people looking. I'm sure some people were so annoyed with me, trying to organize this as I got snappy. I feel so strongly about taking family photos every chance you get, and with a family this size always growing were not gonna always be together to take pictures. So you need to do them while you can.
 Bahaha this picture makes me laugh every time I see it. It describes exactly what its like when all the cousins are together. This the only picture with Levi in it, he took off right after this.

 We headed to waterton Saturday afternoon. We've been lots this summer, but we always just love it there!
 Levi just stopped to give Dave a hug, he's such a sweet boy.
 I love the waterton scenery so much, it reminds me of living in montana.

 Me and my handsome bubbs.
We saw bears! I always want to see them, but while being in my car! Seeing the bears made Levi so excited to see more at the zoo.

We had such a fun 6 days of holidays! Its our only getaway this summer and we really enjoyed it, sad that its back to reality.

the zoo / birthday

For Levi's birthday this year we went to the zoo with some of his cousins. 
For the week before going I had been showing Levi lots of calgary zoo video's on youtube, to get him so excited. He couldn't wait to see " beba's" (zebras), "beers" (bears) and "bipos" (hippos).
We had so much fun! I'll spare you all the animal pictures and just give you the cute ones.
  running to go see the elephants.

 got a picture with the buffalo for you papa roberts.
 riding a bear!
 Renae and Levi watching the elephant show.
 We ran into the butterfly exhibit while it poured outside, but it sure cooled the day off nicely.
 Can you spot the butterfly?
 Rachel had told lauren not to put her hands in the water, so she came up to me and said "i only put my finger in it". It was so cute!
 6 kids 4 and under. It was such a blast watching them all get excited over the animals.
 what a bunch of hams.
 micah eating his ice cream cone.
 3 hours past nap time levi finally crashed and then we had to wake him up 30 mins later for the penguin exhibit.

 Levi loved the penguin exhibit and didn't want to leave it!

Levi sure loves his daddy!

Thanks Laura and Rachel for coming, we really appreciate the fun day. It wasn't rushed or crazy (minus the rain storm) we just went and did what we wanted to do and the kids seemed to have loved it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Levi

34" tall
talks a lot
says "i love you more" when we say i love you
obsessed with toy story
you get little sweat droplets on your nose
you know when your funny
loathe time out
sleeping through the night, but getting up at 5am
love nursery and your friends
you read to mr.monkey every night
love talking on the phone to grandma. c
play so hard you just crash at nap time
say the cutest bedtime prayers
love eskimo and butterfly kisses
really good at sharing your toys
we play in your pool almost everyday
your learning about the potty
a good eater, when you want to be
love backyardigans, diego, & of course toy story 
you make friends really easy
your tan just like daddy
love to help clean, cook and put away your toys
you have such a fun imagination
love trucks, tractors and trains  a.l.o.t

We love you so much bubbs!  Happy Birthday 2nd Levi!


I think kids should come programed to not wake up before 7am. This would help guarantee them a happier and more patient mom. Levi's been waking up at 5am off and on for the last 3 months. This results in nap time at 9am and no afternoon nap. Good thing hes so cute and funny!

But there's nothing I love more then a sleeping little boy.

 The other day I asked Levi what he was shopping for, he said "shoos". Well he took it seriously, he emptied his whole basket into his shopping cart.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Saturday, July 7, 2012

She's here!

Oh debi you deserve a hero cookie! Priscilla sure knows how to get our attention, after 2 days of labour she finally came! And I feel so blessed to be at the hospital only hours after to hold her. She is stunning, and truly fits the saying "as cute as a button". I got to snap a few pictures while I was there but nothing fancy, that will come this week! Huge congrats to the parents and big siblings Fabio & Presley.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

canada day

This Canada Day we hit up the parade,
 One of Levis favourite floats, its Mater!
 My 2 boys!
 Levi grabbing some candy! It took us forever to convince him to grab some.
 He and this little girl kept sharing their candy, it was so cute!
 We saw Auntie Trisha!
This is the trumpeter for the horse races, he's in a band!