Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lucy - 6 months

 6 months old! Gah! Thats half a year old, and half way to one!

Started solids! Likes rice cereal, apples, carrots, bananas and scrambled eggs. She FREAKS out if she sees us eating and she's not.
Only getting up once a night, can I get a Hallelujah! 
So close to sitting by herself!
Loves her feet. 
Back to her happy self, YAY!
She's started noticing when I leave the room.
Almost need size 3 diapers.
Now wearing 6-9month clothes, she has such a long body.
She is super smiley.
Goes back to sleep at night with no soother or rocking, but has to be rocked to sleep during the day.
We finally have hair growing, wahoo!

That smile, its so contagious.

 I think she's losing her blue eyes, maybe they'll go green like mine and Daves.

Levi insisted they get a picture together since they both had on grey hoodies. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

the baby niche

I've hesitated writing this post. For various reasons. I didn't want to come off bragging or write this and then fail. But it was a big leap to start, so lets take another leap and write this down.

{entertaining Lucy while I work}

Both my parents are entrepreneurs, so I guess its just in my blood. I honestly didn't have huge intentions of starting something big...

{entertaining Will while I work}

Lets start at the beginning. I've always crafted/sewed before the boys. With Lucy I did zero before she came. I had ideas in mind and they just didn't happen. I kinda felt disappointed in myself, I was "finally having my girl" and I didn't make her anything. After she came and a decent recovery my "nesting" kicked in. I made her some soother clips, and some for my girlfriends in our ward ( 3 of us had babies all at the same time, so fun!). Then for my sister and sister in laws. Then friends started asking for some. Then I just decided to start an etsy shop in October, it seemed easy enough. I still didn't have huge intentions of where it was going. I had made a good friend in Strathmore who sells leather moccasins, she was doing an etsy shop and really doing well. She pushed and encouraged me to get going on social media with my etsy shop. Then I branched into leather bows, these have been my biggest seller. I have bow ties releasing next week and a few new bow styles for my headbands.

{a flatlay with some products we've got to test out}

So here I am 3.5 months later and blown away and really humbled by how fast and well its taken off. Our exchange student moved out this month and I've been so stressed about that income being gone. We've been blessed enough that I have been able to make enough to cover that income. I've also been really blessed to "meet" some wonderful people through social media. Theres about 5 of us that talk lots about our shops and really encourage and motivate each other. We all live far away but connected through social media. They live in Maine, Ontario, Medicine Hat, Chicago and New York.

{Our cobalt blue soother clip}

I've been able to be at a pace thats comfortable, I can feel things picking up and more orders coming in but its worth it. Dave has been so incredibly supportive of this adventure. I know its consuming at times and the house lacks, when I spend all day doing orders and shipping. I've really loved this little shop. I like owning a little piece of etsy land. I think its been therapeutic in some of the hardest months I've had in years. Its my "happy place". I've had to learn to separate from the down falls of social media, it can be so consuming and really affect your self esteem.. the "likes" and comments.

{Some bows I just sent to a big blogger for her daughter}

I am so grateful for how well this has done and how its helping support our family. I am proud of myself and all the hard work I've done that are making my etsy shop successful. I've done a lot of things our of my comfort zone, approaching bloggers to promote my product, doing giveaways with strangers, asking large companies to do a collaboration with me and getting my products in a children's store. Im excited to see how far this can go in another 3 months!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Our exchange student moved out this past weekend so we switched things up! The boys room is now downstairs, and surprisingly going well. Will's still coming up at night but then will go right back to bed when we take him there. Lucy moved out of our room and into a CRIB (!!) into the boys old room. I took my desk out of the living room and moved it into Lucy's room, yay for decorating an office and Lucy's room! Lets get to ikea, now!

I've heard of some kids hating cribs or changes like that, but lucy hasn't been phased at all. If anything I think she's doing a little better. 

Oh this acreage has our hearts, isn't it beautiful. All the hoar frost lately, has just been breath taking.

 Theres been a pack/herd/tribe/family (what is that called?) .. about 15 deer roaming around our yard lately. It still amazes me to see wildlife out here. The amount of pheasants, is crazy! I actually almost hit a coyote the other night in our driveway!

Ya, so thats pretty much half of January, anyone else got the January Blahs?! Spring time, c'mon already!