Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Our exchange student moved out this past weekend so we switched things up! The boys room is now downstairs, and surprisingly going well. Will's still coming up at night but then will go right back to bed when we take him there. Lucy moved out of our room and into a CRIB (!!) into the boys old room. I took my desk out of the living room and moved it into Lucy's room, yay for decorating an office and Lucy's room! Lets get to ikea, now!

I've heard of some kids hating cribs or changes like that, but lucy hasn't been phased at all. If anything I think she's doing a little better. 

Oh this acreage has our hearts, isn't it beautiful. All the hoar frost lately, has just been breath taking.

 Theres been a pack/herd/tribe/family (what is that called?) .. about 15 deer roaming around our yard lately. It still amazes me to see wildlife out here. The amount of pheasants, is crazy! I actually almost hit a coyote the other night in our driveway!

Ya, so thats pretty much half of January, anyone else got the January Blahs?! Spring time, c'mon already!

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