Sunday, August 14, 2011

Help Please!

I have recently been diagnosed with eczema on my hands, not a big surprise being a hair dresser. All the chemicals, latex gloves and hands being in and out of water constantly! I just started to get it and its gotten bad fast. I have baby aveeno eczema lotion and that still burns my hands when I use it, so being cheap I dont want to go try a bunch of different lotions. If anyone has any good recommendations let me know please! I have never dealt with this before and im already tired of wearing gloves when dealing with water. thanks to anyone with some helpful advice!


  1. There was stuff called Hydromol but it was in England. You could use it like lotion or soap. The health visitor recommended it when Euan had a patch of really dry skin for a bit. I got it from the pharmacist.

  2. I've heard raaaaves about the (kind of pricey) baby line of skin stuff from Arbonne...apparently it's worked wonders for baby eczema. Buuut not really a solution to the not-wanting-to-put-out-alot-of-dough thing.
    You can also get over-the-counter hydro-cortisone cream (0.5%) that will work if it gets really bad.
    Good luck!

  3. I use glysomed. It works wonders for me and you can get it at walmart by the other lotions. It's in a green and white bottle with a image of hand and flower (both green) and I also get the unscented stuff.