Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Will turns one today and I just wanna write about how sad I am that he's one, and where has the time gone etc... BUT 12-18months is one of my favourite stages! 

23lbs 10oz (75%)
30.5" tall (75%)
40cm head circumference (60%)
7 teeth
Momma's strawberry blonde hair & Daddy's fine hair
Blue eyes
adorable rolls and dimples

Signing: please, all done, thank you, more

Loves to do actions to songs

eats everything but green grapes

Sleeping is getting better

BUSY! he's such a busy little boy


Screamer, I think he gets worried he's being left out sometimes and feels the need to scream just to make sure we know he's still there. Or if the boys are chasing each other he screams just to join in on the chaos.

Dramatic, he can throw a tantrum like a one year old I've never seen and then the next minute be giggling. 

Loves to cuddle.

Loves to play in the toilet.

Loves to read books.

Has to be doing everything Levis doing. Will's caught on to dropping Levi off at preschool, and so he gets so excited when I ask if he wants to go pick up big brother. They sure love each other.

Feisty and Sweet.

Happy 1st Birthday Will!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


 Slowly its all getting packed, a few boxes each day. Levi thinks its fun to help pack, until he realizes he decided to pack a favorite toy or book. Two more weeks! Bring it, its like these days are slowly crawling by because I want them to go faster!
 The boys are having fun with the boxes. Levi more then Will, because Levi helps Will crawl into a box and then can't lift him out of them! Silly kids.
So if anyone wants to come help us load or unload the trailer, let us know!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


 I finally caught Will walking on camera....   mmmm he's scruptious!
 He's doing 5-8 steps now! He's so close!
Right before he fell!


For the last 6 months I've typed a couple blog posts then pressed save instead of publish. I try to keep our blog upbeat and positive. But yesterday was HARD, it was just plain hard. I feel like I've had a lot of those days these last 6 months. I want to document these days so that I can remember that I am stronger then I realize.

A couple weeks ago when I was in Calgary and feeling defeated about not finding a place to live, sad that were selling the house I brought my babies home too, leaving our family behind and moving to a place where I hardly know anyone... I called my momma. She said something to me that stuck, "a year ago, you would have never thought what you're doing now was possible." A year ago if someone would have told me that I would be a single mom for 6 months while sleep deprived and trying to sell the house by myself, I would have told you you're nuts! But I am learning through all these ups and downs I am strong like my momma!

Yesterday was one of those days were I just couldn't see the positive in any of this. Will managed to hit both couches, me and Levi in a spew of vomit. Levi decided to have a 2.5 hour timeout battle over picking up his blocks. Will was up alll night, I think we hit every hour that night. I burned supper. I missed my husband dearly and just wanted him to come home so badly. Our buyer/tenant was being very needy yesterday. And no one wanted to eat whatever I made that day, about 90% of it was on my floor.

I wanted an emotional and mental break. I wanted my husband to come home and eat with me so I could actually talk to an adult that day. I wanted help with bed time, because they both fought it till 9pm. I wanted him to be the bad guy and make Levi pick up his blocks instead of me, I've been the bad guy for 6 months. I know I have an end in sight now, but somehow yesterday that made me more mad. Why couldn't I just get happy and get over all this?! I just couldn't find the positives in our situation. Like I said, its been HARD, very hard for me. But as I finally crawled into bed absolutely exhausted last night I made myself think of all the positives of the day: grateful the couch cleans up easy, grateful for my baby who will come lay his head down on my lap and then go continue to play, grateful for my toddler that asks why I'm crying, grateful for a hard working husband, grateful for a warm home and grateful I only have 4 more weeks of this.

Its been really hard and I can't wait for us to all live together again. I know this seems pale in comparison to other peoples trials but for me this has been HARD. I've learned alot about myself and my relationship with Dave. I've learned I don't handle change like I thought I did. I am a very social person, and constantly being alone is very hard for me. Dave does wayyy to much for me, I've been quite spoiled. Like I've had to start taking out the garbage spoiled! Dave and I don't do long distance well, we like to do everything together. So having to do everything apart isn't an adjustment I would want to get used too. I am not as patient of a mother as I thought I was, its something I really need to work on. I need sleep, like sleep as in at least one 4 hour stretch to feel somewhat human.

 I'm excited that Levi wont have to cry at night for dad, to get to shower more often and wear make up (!!!), and most of all to have Dave home every.single.night!

and because that was depressing.... 
here's a picture Wills mad face...

Monday, March 3, 2014

Birthday Party!

 This kid was one party animal! I don't think he smiled once through the whole party, he had his shots a few days before and was just finally fever free but still pretty lethargic.

 But there were no shortages of smiles from this crazy kid! He just loved all the attention and kids to play with. Wore him right out! Actually we were all pretty tired, all four of us were asleep before 9pm!

 Its hard to see on the top present but Levi spelled "will, love levi" he colored over top of it. that kid is becoming such a good little speller!
 I think this is as close as we got for a smile. Thanks everyone for the presents!

 The blanket I made Will, with my Grandma Campbells help. He has a few stuffies I made to match as well.

 He got a little messy, unlike Elena.. She was a pro and just dug right in! Will just slowly ate the cake.
Oh my baby, I can't believe your one!