Monday, March 3, 2014

Birthday Party!

 This kid was one party animal! I don't think he smiled once through the whole party, he had his shots a few days before and was just finally fever free but still pretty lethargic.

 But there were no shortages of smiles from this crazy kid! He just loved all the attention and kids to play with. Wore him right out! Actually we were all pretty tired, all four of us were asleep before 9pm!

 Its hard to see on the top present but Levi spelled "will, love levi" he colored over top of it. that kid is becoming such a good little speller!
 I think this is as close as we got for a smile. Thanks everyone for the presents!

 The blanket I made Will, with my Grandma Campbells help. He has a few stuffies I made to match as well.

 He got a little messy, unlike Elena.. She was a pro and just dug right in! Will just slowly ate the cake.
Oh my baby, I can't believe your one!

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  1. I seriously can't believe he's ONE. HOOOOW is he that old already!? And by is MY baby going to be that old soon??? Crazy.