Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ryan's Wedding & RS fireside.

We went down south last weekend, for Ryan Kurtz' wedding. It was a beautiful day, the weather was great and I'm pretty sure it was the most beautiful reception I've seen. Aunt Sheila did an amazing job decorating!

It was nice to have another family filled weekend! We planned to come home Saturday night but the weather was awful so we slept in Coaldale another night. We headed home Sunday morning just in time for me to frantically finish crafting for the RS fireside.

The fireside was so nice, our ward is extremely talented in the music department.  We did a simple hot chocolate bar and treats.

jam packed fun weekend! Dec 5-7th

 This weekend we managed to pack it full of fun stuff! We did Heritage park for the first time and meet up with my parents and Darren & Laura.

We waited quite awhile for the horse rides, but the kids loved it!

After this picture Will tried to shove his soother in the ducks mouth!

Will loved the horses!

Santa was there, Will was a little unsure! Levi asked for a small Christmas tree, that definitely isn't on the letter he sent to Santa. 

I loved all the Victorian houses and architecture! 

They had little mazes for the kids to do!

It was such a fun thing todo, we will have to go back in the summer!

That night we had the Santa Claus parade and Roger & Trisha came down to watch! Dave got to take Levi in his cruiser and that kid was just so excited! Also we learned that the Strathmore Santa Clause Parade is sooo tiny, HA! Like 10 vehicles long!

It was so hard to get a decent picture at night plus all the reflectors on the cruiser.

After the parade we went to the festival of lights, it was so good! They had santa, free snacks and hot chocolate, and so many lights. By this point we were all pretty tired and came home to just watch the fireworks from our house. I made my mom take a quick family picture because I don't think we got one all day! Can you tell were all tired, and maybe a certain 4 year old was crabby?

The next day after church was Levis preschool concert, the main reason my parents came up for the weekend. It was so cute and only 45 mins long (my kind of concert!). Levi did all the songs and actions we were so proud, last year theres no way he would have sang let alone do actions too!

After the concert we headed into Calgary to the First presidency's devotional and Stake Carol Festival. Dave and Laura were both in that, so it was fun for the kids to watch. It was such a long day, the kids had sat for over 7 hours that day but they did amazing!

It was so nice to have my parents up for all the festivities, and get some time with them. Now that we dont live 10 mins away, we don't get very much one on one time.