Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Preschool- Halloween party

Levi seems to really be enjoying preschool. He's fairly shy while hes there, from what I've seen he doesn't do much of the singing or actions. He likes to just observe everyone with a smile and little giggle. When were at home he sings all the songs and its adorable. Today I was lucky enough to get to attend the Halloween party with him. He was pretty excited I was there, but pretty disappointed Dad couldn't be there. We got to enjoy snacks, songs and games.Wills little arms and legs were just a kicking he loved watching all the kids.

I took pictures at preschool on my phone but snapped some with the camera after we got home - these were the best I could get, even with bribing. Stubborn Elephant! 

Here's Horton (from "Horton hears a who"):

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Will {7months} & fall

 21lbs 2oz
sitting up like a champion
stills dislikes being on the floor (double ear infections for almost three months straight I don't blame him)
loves pumpkin muffins, bread, bananas
getting tired of puree food wants to chew up food
eats everything in sight
starting to notice when Levi leaves the room not just mom
gets excited when we facetime Dave
jibber jabbers like crazy
loves the car seat once the car is moving
size 4 diapers
size 6-12 month pants and 12-18 months onesies/shirts

 He's got the most beautiful eyes ive ever seen.
 and mhmm! I just wanna kiss him all day! The antibiotics are kicking in and were so happy to be getting a little more sleep and all those smiles back!

With this perfect fall weather we hit up a couple parks yesterday and so i took my camera to do Wills 7 month photos but of course Levi was being all cute so I got some of him too. These pictures describe levi perfectly.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

the past three years.

My one sister in law posted pictures she had taken on that day a year ago and two years ago. It got me thinking about how much things have changed and just how much Levi has changed. 

2012-  a winter storm 
look how much show we had before halloween!

2011 - the puppies
sometimes i forget we had 6 little puppies and a momma running around the house. we still wish we would have kept this one. she's adorable!

2010 - 4 months old
i keep looking to see if he looks like Will, I just see that they both have chubby cheeks. Levi had wayyy more hair then Will ever has.

Things are changing so much around here, and i know its all for the better. Just hard to remember all that through the insane about of stress its all been. I showed the house last night to a couple and they loved it, told me it was "fabulous" and would let me know in a few days what they would be doing. fingers crossed! I am patting myself on the back and letting us play all day today after Wills DR appt this morning. I got the whole house cleaned and almost spotless by myself with a sick baby and some serious sleep deprivation.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This kid...

just can't catch a break!

He's go double ear infections again. Hoping this round of the antibiotics will really help, its a stronger dose and were going longer. Praying it'll really clear things up. As cranky and miserable as he is, im just amazed at how he can still just flash us a smile. I got two does of antibiotics in him today and hoping that we have a better night then last night. I slept with him sitting up all night and he was still pretty inconsolable.

Thanksgiving with Campbells.

This year me and the boys headed out to Kurtz's for a Campbell Thanksgiving! Dave left at the same time back up to Edmonton. It was still a big gathering but felt small missing Justin and Larry on their missions, Darren and Laura and Sandras family.

 Of course these two crazies were jumping in the leaves!
 I love that my mom is always in on the action!
 Very attractive Clay!
 Ryan saving Grandma from Levi throwing leaves at her again.
 Levi trying to throw leaves at me!
 The only one where everyones eyes are open.
And that's the Campbell side of the family!

Thanks Sheila for hosting and making the best buns ever!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sharing a room.

 they were both asleep - then i heard giggling and sword nosies.
Busted them twice. How can I be mad that they aren't napping when all they want to do is play with each other? I'm so glad they are best friends!

Sunday, October 6, 2013


 This kid is tough I tell ya! He has the happiest personality and I have just felt so blessed to be his mommy. Friday we had an appointment at the hospital, for what I understand as an ultrasound. Woah was I wrong! Its called a barium enema. They take xrays all over his stomach before they fill him with this "barium enema". Its pretty much like a chalky substance that they fill up his intestines with. Not just a little bit, it was two full very big (8") syringes full. Once they finished that very uncomfortable part they told me he would poop within 15-30 mins and they would need to take more pictures. I tried to explain how suppository's take him 12 hours sometimes, and that it could be awhile for him. They reassured me this kid is so full that he will go soon. After 4 hours of waiting I asked if we could leave and come back, Murphy's law as I was on my way to get Levi he went in the car so we turned back to go get another picture taken.
 Thankfully while we were waiting they gave me a little quiet room that I could nurse and nap him in. It was hard to watch my baby go through something so uncomfortable that I was grateful to have that time to just hold him.
 After the xrays we were told we'd need to come back 24 hours later from the first xray to track the progress. So Saturday morning we headed back for a few more xrays. Will was all smiles for all the Dr's and nurses. I couldn't believe how happy he was through it all. I could just keep feeling the spirit from the blessing my dad gave me that week helping both of us to be strong.
There's been a few nasty side effects for him and I wish the nurses would have warned me. We will find out in a few weeks what the diagnosis is, and how to proceed from there.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


 This kid is one of the smiliest babies I know. I am so grateful for his happy disposition through all his health challenges. I am grateful for mothers intuition and promptings to push things with Doctors. We thought we'd be on a waiting list for a few weeks to see the ENT and we have an appointment this morning! We thought it could be a month or two before he has an appointment to get pictures taken of his bowels, but we get in tomorrow!  Its not gonna be a fun few days, but it'll be worth it all to figure out whats going on.
P.S. My Doctor recommended to sleep Will sitting up last night to relieve the pressure off his ears and he did 3 hour stretches!!