Thursday, October 17, 2013

the past three years.

My one sister in law posted pictures she had taken on that day a year ago and two years ago. It got me thinking about how much things have changed and just how much Levi has changed. 

2012-  a winter storm 
look how much show we had before halloween!

2011 - the puppies
sometimes i forget we had 6 little puppies and a momma running around the house. we still wish we would have kept this one. she's adorable!

2010 - 4 months old
i keep looking to see if he looks like Will, I just see that they both have chubby cheeks. Levi had wayyy more hair then Will ever has.

Things are changing so much around here, and i know its all for the better. Just hard to remember all that through the insane about of stress its all been. I showed the house last night to a couple and they loved it, told me it was "fabulous" and would let me know in a few days what they would be doing. fingers crossed! I am patting myself on the back and letting us play all day today after Wills DR appt this morning. I got the whole house cleaned and almost spotless by myself with a sick baby and some serious sleep deprivation.


  1. Awwww look at the mini Levi! And that puppy....whaaaaaaat? Where's mine!? I need that puppy!!!
    P.S. You are super mom. Just sayin'.

  2. Love seeing the pictures! It's definitely crazy how fast they change and grow. Here's hoping the couple decides to buy your place!