Friday, December 11, 2015

a first...

We had our first ER visit for someone splitting their head open. We've always said Will will be the first, and he was. He is WILD. I was chasing the boys around the house and Will took a running dive at the couch and jumped and sliced his head on my desk. It was pretty traumatic for Levi to see. Head wounds bleed SO much, and this was no exception. Will was so incredibly brave and calm about it all. He was more mad about the blood on his hands and clothes. Levi was really struggling as we were trying to get the bleeding to stop and just told him he needed to go sit on his bed and say a prayer. Thankfully our exchange student was home so we left Levi at home with her and I drove so Dave could hold the towel on Wills head. I sent a quick text out to my parents to say a prayer for Will and Levi. More so Levi, it was hard to leave him at home so shook up. Will was a total ham at the hospital, if he wasn't bleeding so much Im sure they would've thought we made the whole story up. He had everyone laughing and sat so still for the Doctor. Luckily the glue held enough he didn't need stitches. 

That kid is so resilient, the next morning he woke up total unfazed by it all. I woke up before he did and went to go check on him, he never sleeps past 6:30am. Crawled into bed with him and rubbed his back, his absolute favourite thing. He woke up and first thing he said "mom's I got's an owie on my heads and it doesn't even hurts me." 

Now to get that kid to slow down! He has a dent in his forehead from a month ago. He fell asleep sitting next to Dave on the piano bench while he played and fell asleep and hit his head right on the piano, it was a nasty goos egg. Left a dent in his forehead and now he's gonna have a pretty good scar too. Head wounds heal fast thankfully so 3 more days and it should be good! 

So grateful that it happened when Dave and our exchange student were home, I don't know what I would have done if I was by myself. 


Went and saw the Doctor Yesterday about how fussy Lucy has gotten, and it turns out she has 2 ear infections, sore throat, goopy eyes congested and swollen which leads the Doctor to thing a dairy allergy. So we started ear and eye drops to help clear it up and then need to figure out which root we want to go about the allergy. I can go totally off dairy and see if that helps, we can use a sensitive to lactose formula or I can pump and add lacteeze to take out the lactose. Not sure yet what were going to do yet. 

Blurry pictures = happy baby. 

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