Friday, December 11, 2015

Lucy. 4 months

 This is little miss is 4 months old. FOUR! Shes been super crabby teething lately. Easiest baby and our worst teether by far. Oh man she's given us a run for our money these last three weeks. We never knew she could cry so much or stay awake for so long. . .   But yesterday she seemed to be coming back to her happy chill self, and we sure missed it.

 14lbs  5oz
rolling both ways
loves her hands
starting to grab for things
has the girliest voice
still doesn't take a bottle
wearing 3-6 month clothes but her long body barely allows them to snap up
23 3/4" long
delicious chunky thighs

Getting a picture now a days that no blurry is getting tougher. So wiggly!
Classic lucy faces.

Blurry happy hands.

Lucy still giggle cries when upset. 
She cries when a baby cries, or hears the organ and bagpipes. 

She was so proud herself for getting ahold of the bouncer.  

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