Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter weekend.

 We headed out to Waterton on Friday, it was a balmy 11degrees while we were there! We packed some snow pants and boots for Levi and let him "hike" all his mountains.
Every little hill was a mountain for Levi. He did so well at climbing up everything he could. He was so excited to be able to finally hike the "big mountains like daddy does".
Saturday we had a Easter egg hunt at the Nichols house, Levi had so much fun! We all enjoyed it and the bbq afterwards, thanks Nichols! ( the pictures are all on daves phone, sorry! )
Then we headed to the temple to let Levi look, the pictures didn't turn out too good because someone didn't want to sit still for them. But how can you blame him when theres so much space to run around on!

We came home afterwards and just enjoyed relaxing because tomorrow is Will's baby blessing and Easter morning. Its gonna be a crazy day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the crib.

I laid Will down in his crib this morning while I was folding some of his clothes and Levi had to climb right in there. He doesn't like being to far away from his little brother. Of course I had to snap some pictures. Ignore the naked boy, we were working on getting dressed!


This is what my morning looked like:  with little to no sleep how can you be cranky with those two faces!
I was at the other end of the house and heard Will fussing and came back to Levi saying "shh shh shh" and giving him soother. It just melts my heart!

Monday, March 25, 2013

William Ramon Murray

Willliam Ramon Murray
9lbs 8oz  
 22.5" Long
 March. 18, 2013

We are so happy to announce that our Will is finally here! We are all beyond smitten with our perfect chubster. 

(If you want to skip the labour story skip now)

Monday at 6pm I was calling family to let them all know when we'd be do the baby blessing and making food arrangements. When I stood up I thought I had peed a little and was thinking "oh dear". Then realized my water had broke. I stood in the tub for an hour before my mom arrived and we headed into the hospital. I never knew how much "water" there really is, they broke my water when I was in labour with Levi and nothing came out. So I was shocked that it just didnt stop coming and that I had to walk into the hospital with a towel in between my legs. By this point I was just cramping but worried that my labour was gonna go fast. We checked in and I was at 4cm and at 7:30pm I was having contractions about 4 mins apart. And because I had the best nurse ever she asked if I wanted to order the epidural. of course I wanted too! By the time I got it contractions were close to 2 mins apart and it was 9:30pm. Once I got it I was in heaven, just a little cramp here an there when I had a contracion. Easy peasy! So when the nurse said my contractions weren't progressing and if I could get oxytocin to help speed things along I thought why not? Well that really sped things up and really amped up the pain levels. It no longer felt like I even had an epidural any more. By 11:30pm I was fully dilated and knew it was time. So they called the dr that was on call and in my mind it felt like it took an eternity for him to get there, in reality I think it was 15mins. I remember at one point half jokingly yelling out that he needs to hurry and get here! I had a really hard time calming my breathing to get through the pain but Dave and my nurse were great. Before It was time to push I remember looking at Dave and saying "I am never doing this again". Dave just laughed at me! I think it was about 11:50 when I started pushing and at 11:52pm he was here! 2 pushes and he was out, I may have kept bragging saying I am a champion! It was all so surreal how fast it went for me. I am so grateful for that, we were so ready to meet him. It made my recovery a little harder this time but I still feel lucky with how good I am feeling.

Will has truly been a phenomenal baby, I hope I'm not jinxing it by saying that. He's been amazing at nursing, which has been such a relief since it didn't work out last time. And he takes a soother...
We were so excited for Levi to come meet him! Levi was pretty stand offish in the hospital but soon as we got home he was in love. He asks all the time to hold him and tells us every morning how much he missed baby Will while he was sleeping.

We let Levi buy a gift for Will to bring to the hospital and then we had a present for Levi when we got home. He was pretty excited about his new tractors.

Thursday (21st) was our 5th anniversary! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. We didn't get to go out but it was still a pretty special day for us to just be at home with our 2 boys. Dave snuck away and got me some flowers!
See those cheeks?? I could nibble them all day!
 We've had so many visitors come and congratulate us. We feel so blessed to have such a large amount of love this past week. Thank you to all the help we have had and all the thoughtful gifts. We've been so spoiled.

We sure love our baby Will and just can't get enough of him. We are all smitten by his good nature personality and all his snuggles. I already wish time would just slow down.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Over due.

Well I had hoped my next post would be announcing we had our baby but nope he's making us wait...

So we took advantage of the hoar frost and snapped a few pictures:

 (this one won't turn??)

I LOVE LOVE this picture! Levi was so cold so Dave put him in his jacket to warm up!

Monday, March 4, 2013


As we wait for the big day, seems like time is slowing down! I haven't made plans for these few weeks so we haven't had much going on but here's a few pictures.

 My mom took Levi for the day so Dave and I could get all the things done we needed to before baby. I think he had a blast, he keeps asking to go to grandmas and make cookies.
 Levi helped Dave build some shelves for the baby's closet.
 Levi insisted on wearing his old baby sunglasses and then fell asleep with them on.
 Getting all the details done on the baby side of the room.
 We found a recipe for some awesome "bubble dough" its just corn starch and dish soap. It was so much fun and easy to clean up.
 We went and watched our niece and nephew play basketball. It was so much fun, Levi got so excited when his cousin scored a basket.

 Levis been such a big momma's boy lately, crawling into bed for extra snuggles and needing a lot more books from mom. I can't complain tho, I am loving all the attention I'm getting while its just us.
 Our neighbors water line broke and we had no water for 2.5 days. To make things easier we headed out to my parents house, Levi thought it was the best! Here he is wearing uncle Justin's hat.
We had a big storm yesterday and Levi said he needed hot chocolate and the fireplace on to warm up. I love big snow storms, they force you to snuggle in and watch a movie.

We're waiting for baby Murray to come any day now, so hopefully the next post has some big news in it!