Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter weekend.

 We headed out to Waterton on Friday, it was a balmy 11degrees while we were there! We packed some snow pants and boots for Levi and let him "hike" all his mountains.
Every little hill was a mountain for Levi. He did so well at climbing up everything he could. He was so excited to be able to finally hike the "big mountains like daddy does".
Saturday we had a Easter egg hunt at the Nichols house, Levi had so much fun! We all enjoyed it and the bbq afterwards, thanks Nichols! ( the pictures are all on daves phone, sorry! )
Then we headed to the temple to let Levi look, the pictures didn't turn out too good because someone didn't want to sit still for them. But how can you blame him when theres so much space to run around on!

We came home afterwards and just enjoyed relaxing because tomorrow is Will's baby blessing and Easter morning. Its gonna be a crazy day!

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