Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have been so overwhelmed with feeding Levi solids. It has been such a fear for me. Am I starting fruit too soon, should I not give him meat yet, or should I have started this veggie first etc.. I also get freaked out because Levi can’t stand textures. Soon as anything gets remotely close to the back of his tongue he would gag himself till he either a) threw it up b) swallowed it c) spit it out. I was absolutely terrified to start anything that wasn’t mashed/purred or liquid. Well let me show you my new best friend.


They are rice cereal in cookie form. Super messy but its teaching Levi to grab his own food and put it in his mouth and its helping with the textures-gagging problem. Also my fear is slowly being conquered with the books I’ve been reading. I'm ignoring everyone's advice – no offense to anyone who gave me some but it was just confusing me more. Some say give cheese and yogurt at 6 months others say NO WAY wait at least 9 months. Give them this but wait don’t give them that. Oh it was just a big ol stress for me! So as any kind of parenting goes were doing what suits us and works for Levi. Guess what? He’s still alive and just gobbling everything up, sometimes with a weird face but he eats it none the less. We know he’s doing well he’s now 18lbs and 28 3/4” long!

Enjoy some of these messy eating pictures:

002 - February 20113

Thursday, February 17, 2011

oh dear, I love these moments.

oh dear, its been a perfect day! I think its because I have these 2 in my life.


Levi loves sitting on Dave’s shoulders! I was trying to capture Levi holding Dave’s ears but I missed it. Oh well, its still a cute moment!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

bubbs the handsome.

002 - February 2011

Can’t believe how big he is getting!

         Our cousins had a baby and we’ve been over to visit a few times and you just forget how little they are! We told ourselves when Levi was born that we wouldn’t forget how little they are, well we forgot and it kind of makes you want another one….. but just you think about it for a few minutes, and then realize your baby is only 6 1/2 months old and that means our kids would only be 16 months-ish apart and Levi already occupies me full time let alone two little munchkins.

     Now that teething is done for a little while life is resuming its normal routine. Sleeping is getting better and that sure helps make happy parents and a happy baby. He is eating so well and tries anything. The other day Dave fed him and I asked what rice cereal he put in with the peas and carrots, Dave replied the stuff in the red bag. oh golly, that was the raspberry and banana flavoured wheat cereal. So Levi ate peas & carrots with raspberries & banana. Yuck! but he ate it all!

      Dave has the voice stress test tomorrow and then his last thing he will have to do is the appointment with the Physiatrist. We will find out before the end of March if he is getting hired on. This is going way faster then when we did the RCMP. We’ll keep you updated.


the perfect date.

We went on a date last night and dropped Levi off at my sisters and then headed to go see Harry Potter 7. Dave loved the movie, I'm not a huge HP fan but still it was a good movie. Then we called to see how Levi was and if we could go for dessert to complete the night. They said he had been awake the whole time and he was falling asleep while playing. So we picked him up and he instantly fell asleep in the car. Thanks LL & MAX!! We still went for dessert since Levi was sleeping. Soon as we got home at 10:30pm we put the munchkin to bed. He slept till 6:30am, then fell back asleep till 8:30am!!

How perfect of  a night, a date, a full nights rest and getting to sleep in!