Sunday, February 6, 2011


the perfect date.

We went on a date last night and dropped Levi off at my sisters and then headed to go see Harry Potter 7. Dave loved the movie, I'm not a huge HP fan but still it was a good movie. Then we called to see how Levi was and if we could go for dessert to complete the night. They said he had been awake the whole time and he was falling asleep while playing. So we picked him up and he instantly fell asleep in the car. Thanks LL & MAX!! We still went for dessert since Levi was sleeping. Soon as we got home at 10:30pm we put the munchkin to bed. He slept till 6:30am, then fell back asleep till 8:30am!!

How perfect of  a night, a date, a full nights rest and getting to sleep in!

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