Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Will use to be bald. as bald they come, minus the 15 super long random hairs that i buzzed when he was a week old. 
at 9 weeks old.. look at that beautiful bald head..

but his hair grew super fast. shockingly fast to me. i am also in denial he's 8 months old.  he was starting to get some long hair over his ears, not in a hockey cute kind of flip way. in a scraggly over the ears, drive a hair dresser crazy kind of way. i've been holding out because his hair is so fluffy and light coloured. but tonight i saw the clippers and the rest is history...

But see the hair on his ears... its now trimmed up. 

he hated the trimmers. but I swear he loves the new hair cut. 

See i couldn't cut that fluff. i love that hair color.

Monday, November 18, 2013

8 months - Will

 21lbs 10oz
4 teeth - 2 more pushing through
eats like a champ! doesn't love pureed food as much, just wants what were eating!
standing at the furniture and is happier being on his feet then sitting
not crawling yet, but slowly getting there
hair! hair! we've got lots coming in!
starting to sleep 3 hours stretches!
playing a little strange to people but will always flash his cheesy grin

He's growing up too fast but I do love this age! He's learning to sign and it just melts me, and I love watching Levi sign with him. Will loves levi so much, they are the best of friends.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Levi's got wit!

I keep track in my phone of the funny things Levi says, but these days I can't keep up. I wanna remember them and share some of his funny wit. He's really hilarious and witty.

Levi has recently learned "holy cow" and thinks its hilarious when used "holy cow, thats weird!" and informs me they are his words, not mine.

-"these fruit snack are like a delicious rainbow"

- "i don't want to be on time out forever and ever, my whole whole life!!"

-Dave had to shave his goatee off for school and Levi said "Now that daddy shaved off his beard he don't look like jesus."

-Levi asks on a daily basis, if he can go for a bus ride, go to Calgary/medicine hat/Edmonton/Coaldale/Taber etc.. Today he asked when he gets to see daddy march at sheriff school, so I told him in a few weeks we go to Edmonton for Daddy's graduation and will get to see him march. He replied "but mom, we can't leave Lethbridge!" I asked "why?" Levi - "because mom you can't just go to Edmonton any time you want."

-"Will your my bestest buddy in the whole whole world!"

- I was at the other end of the house and over heard this conversation while Levi was feeding Will puffed wheat. "Will stop making a mess. I mean it Will. Don't make me get mad. Will! NO NO NO!! Now I'm mad Will. MOOOOOMMMM!" And I came back to find him smiling. Him and Will had spilled a whole bag of puffed wheat. They thought it was hilarious. I was grateful it was something easy to clean up!

-"Mom you're ridiculously cute, but I gotta dance!"

- Theres two words I don't correct cause they crack me up - Polar Express: pole an the brest.  and  he doesn't always still say it but yogurt: yodurt.

- "I am your soup, cookie, yodurt lover boy, huh mom?"

We sure love your wittiness buddy!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Winter is here!

 Pretty sure Will is gonna be just like Levi, a lover of snow. Levi would stay outside all day in the snow if we let him. Will couldn't stop flashing his cheesy grin at us!
 We are so glad your here winter, we're loving the excuse to drink hot chocolate and watch Polar Express (or how Levi says it "Pole in the bress").

Were going nuts that we haven't decorated for Christmas. Dave isn't gonna be home for the next month and I don't want to decorate before our open house this weekend. Feels like its gonna be an adventure this Christmas. But I'm sure it'll be a Christmas we never forget.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

freshly bathed babes. MMMmmm

 Will loves the tub. I always walked out soaked and he walks out ticked its time to leave.

 Levi loves the tub too, but he doesn't like the water touching his face (just like me).

 Look at those blue eyes and lashes. seriously hes gonna be a heartbreaker!
 Levi loves to hold Will, soon he's gonna be to big for him to hold. There's only a 9lbs difference between the two of them.

Sorry Will but this picture cracks me up!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

forty five

 Being a "single mom" these days and hopefully not for much longer, it seems so hard to get anything accomplished. But when moments like this happen I get laundry, banana muffins baked, dusting, vaccuming done. all in 45 mins. this is what i like to call a miracle, because this rarely happens.

and yes i am giving myself a pat on the back. a big ol' virtual pat on the back.